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Overhead costs are a large concern for many businesses such as plumbing, HVAC, and others in the service industry, but with a GPS vehicle tracking system, those worries diminish. GPS vehicle tracking will reduce labors costs, more specifically unproductive labor costs. Results can be seen almost immediately when monitored and administered properly.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Will Reduce Labor Costs By:

  • Monitoring hours worked from the beginning to the end of each day
  • Scheduling jobs in the most efficient order to minimize drive time
  • Showing you inefficient routes taken
  • Highlighting employees that deliberately waste time to tack on hours
  • Reducing vehicle down-time so that employees are not paid for unproductive hours
  • Increasing efficiency from job to job

How GPS Tracking Software Reduces Labor Costs:

GPS vehicle tracking software takes location intelligence and analyzes all of the data to paint a meaningful picture of your business.

  • Begin/End of Day Reporting – This is powerful reporting that will show you when a vehicle starts and ends each day. This way you don’t have to rely on employee time cards.
  • Job Scheduling – Using the vehicle tracking dashboard, dispatchers can easily optimize stops or customer sites for each day and send them to each driver.
  • Route Efficiency Report – This report will show you the route the driver took vs. the fastest or shortest route. You will be able to identify if coaching is needed or if employees are going out of their way on purpose.
  • Maintenance Module – Stay on top of maintenance so that you rarely have unexpected vehicle down-time and have to pay employees for unproductive hours.
  • Efficiency – Simply put, employees that are being tracked are more productive and efficient with their time.

This Forbes article about cutting overhead costs to boost the bottom line is a great read that provides suggestions as well.  Of course GPS vehicle tracking technology is one of the suggestions.