Discover the Benefit of GPS Tracking for Businesses.

There are some important benefits of GPS tracking for businesses. This technology is not just dots on a map: it’s fleet location intelligence. Advanced GPS tracking platforms will not only help with cutting costs and reducing risk, but it will also drive revenue for your business, starting with boosting employee productivity.

Increasing Employee Productivity

Eliminate Side Jobs

Unfortunately, unauthorized use of company vehicles is more common than most would like to admit. GPS tracking helps management keep employees on task, working for you, and not themselves or someone else’s business. You can use powerful alerting and reporting functionality to know when an employee is doing side jobs or personal errands throughout the work day. This will ultimately keep your employees productive for your business each day.

Maximize the Work Day

With GPS tracking, you have the ability to dispatch more effectively, getting your team to customers faster. You can also send and receive messages to your employees in the field through the online portal. This will make communication much easier because your team won’t have to constantly pick up the phone as things change throughout the day.

Utilizing alerts that notify you and your team of long stops and late arrivals will help to make sure you stay on schedule throughout the day. Adding just one more job a day to each technician or driver’s schedule could increase revenue by around $33,000 extra per month. Surely, you could put that kind of money to good use if you had it.

*Increase productivity by 1 stop per day at an average of $100 per job, with a fleet of 15 trucks, is equal to $33,000/month.

Maintain Fleet Health

Keeping your vehicles on the road is an expensive part of fleet management that needs a close eye. GPS tracking for businesses will keep vehicle downtime to a minimum and help to prevent costly maintenance, which will keep your drivers working, leading to more revenue for your business.

Expand Customer Service with GPS Tracking

Serve More Customers

GPS tracking gives your business the opportunity to serve more customers on a daily basis with more effective dispatch, as well as monitor and coach employees about expectations for time spent at each job. The more customers you can serve, the more money your business will make.

Manage Time Spent with Higher Revenue Customers

GPS tracking can also be used to manage outside sales teams. Management can create territory maps within the software to monitor how long they are spending with customers. This way you can coach them on how to allocate their time between higher revenue generating vs. lower revenue generating customers.

Improve Estimated Time of Arrivals

GPS tracking software will give your company the chance to be proactive instead of reactive. When drivers are running late, your team will know and can call the customer to notify them. When a driver or technician is within a mile of the customer location, an automated text message or email can be sent to them, letting them know you are on the way.

Accurate ETAs and improved customer service will make your customers happier, and happier customers lead to loyal customers that will refer you to their friends, and that equals more revenue for your business.