When we talk to fleet managers that have never implemented a GPS tracking solution before, they are primarily worried about driver pushback. They are concerned that there may be too much friction between management and staff. Does this sound like you?

If so, keep in mind that GPS tracking software is intended to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Any tool that will help improve the company’s bottom line should be welcomed by everyone.

You most likely need to educate employees on how the technology is beneficial to them: 10 Ways GPS Tracking Benefits Employees

A snippet of a previous blog post touches on:

  • GPS tracking is used more often to exonerate an employee from an accusation than to indict them
  • Job security and how everyone benefits from a fatter bottom line
  • Reduced paperwork
  • No more time wasting/distracting calls from dispatch

Employee Incentive Programs

Some businesses find that using an incentive program is a great way to gain employee buy-in to GPS tracking.

Some of the programs we are aware of include monetary rewards. If employees know that being conscious of costs will earn them money, they’re likely to be more motivated to do their part to make your effort to improve fleet operations work.

An example of a program is where employees are allowed to retain a fraction of the savings achieved. Create a friendly competition among employees, offering bonuses for productivity or efficiency gains.

We are by no means telling you to take the money you are trying to save and distribute it out, we are just sharing some ideas that customers have used to successfully attain employee buy-in for GPS tracking.