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GPS Tracking Solutions for Business

Bringing Dots on a Map to Life

GPS tracking solutions for business are still thought of as dots on a map. People want to know where their vehicles are at any given time.

However, if this is the sole reason for using GPS tracking solutions for business, then the software itself is being underutilized.

GPS tracking goes well beyond simple vehicle location information and brings mobile workforce operations to life with in-depth reports, alerts, advanced mapping, driver communication (messaging), and routing.

Mobile workforce management is enhanced and taken to new levels of efficiency, safety, and accountability with GPS tracking solutions for business.

GPS Tracking Solutions for Business: Reports & Alerts

There are a host of reports that GPS tracking solutions for business provide to aid in solving your mobile workforce challenges.

Whether you face fleet inefficiencies, want to improve safety standards for your employees, or increase driver accountability, the reports from GPS tracking solutions empower you to overcome these hurdles.

Collectively, these reports give you the overall performance of your fleet and mobile workforce. Reports shine a light on everything from job completion efficiency to how well your employees are representing your brand on the road with their driving.

And they get as granular as you want. Whether you prefer a bird’s eye view and understanding or if you like to dig deep within the weeds, it’s all at your disposal.

GPS tracking solutions for businesses report on areas of the vehicles and drivers like the origins of high fuel costs, odd-hours usage (vehicles used when they shouldn’t be), as well as speeding incidents.

Using reports to coach drivers help to prevent these behaviors and incidents from occurring. Sales managers review calls with sales reps; football coaches review the game tape with players, and business owners and fleet managers review GPS tracking reports with drivers.

Once you identify areas of opportunity to improve your mobile workforce through reports, you can take action through alerts.

GPS tracking for business alerts employees in real-time to curb poor or undesirable behavior behind the wheel. If your goal is to reduce fuel costs by attacking high idle times, then send alerts to your drivers once the engine is on and stopped for more than 10 minutes telling them to shut the engine off.

If you are attempting to improve safety standards by reducing speeding tickets, then send an audible notification to the buzzer inside the cab of the vehicle letting the driver know they need to slow down.

Advanced Mapping

When GPS tracking solutions for businesses began, it was only dots a map without many capabilities. Those dots didn’t do anything else other than move around.

Now, they do so much more.

Those dots leave trailers along the way for you to see where vehicles have visited in the last hour, six hours, 12 hours, and day. This location intelligence empowers you to confidently vindicate your employees if someone calls in claiming that one of them was speeding down the highway, knocked over their mailbox, or was only on the job site for a short amount of time.

On the flip side, if one of the drivers stops at an unknown location, you can drill down through street view and see an actual picture of where they visited.

This advanced mapping also allows you to efficiently and effectively route your employees to their stops.

If a last-minute job comes up, you can quickly reference who is closest to that location and send directions to their smartphone. No more time is wasted tracking the drivers down through a high volume of calls throughout the day.

Improving Communication with Drivers

All communication with drivers can be done right from the computer screen through the GPS tracking solution’s dashboard interface. Whether you need to send a quick message to update them with special instructions on their next stop or send them directions, it’s all done within the GPS tracking solution.

This convenient form of driver communication dramatically decreases inefficiencies and wasted time on multiple fronts. Office staff no longer have to make an untold amount of calls throughout the day updating drivers’ routes, getting ETAs, etc.

Routing within the GPS tracking solution also ensures that the drivers are taking the most efficient routes to stops. Routing in this way helps control labor hours and increase customer satisfaction because employees are arriving on time. You are also able to proactively give customers ETAs and updates if drivers get delayed because of traffic.

Bringing Dots on a Map to Life

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of bringing dots on a map to life. They start to jump off the screen when you think more strategically about how to use GPS tracking solutions for business. Your return on investment is much more, and your GPS tracking initiative has a higher chance of success.


Author: Lance Holt

Content Marketing Specialist