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The following is a list of GPS fleet tracking concerns that the majority of  fleet managers face today. These may be of interest to you if you are in the market to purchase a GPS fleet tracking solution and need more information before making your decision.

6 GPS Fleet Tracking Concerns:

  1. Cost and time to payback – This is the # 1 concern that actually becomes irrelevant if you participate in a proper pilot to prove your business case and ROI.
  2. Scalability – Can the GPS fleet tracking software grow with your company? Make sure that the software will continue to work for you no matter how large your company grows.
  3. Hierarchy and administrative ease of use – Simple administration is important. No one wants to spend hours or days setting up the software. It needs to be as simple and quick as possible so that there is minimal downtime. You need the right alerts/reports sent to the right people so this is a proactive tool instead of reactive tool.

    Hierarchy Administration Setup

    Example Hierarchy Administration Setup

  4. Customizations – Does the company customize aspects of the software?  Make sure that if the vendor does not have all of the reports or does not analyze the data you need, that you ask if they will customize the solution for you. If not, you may want to reconsider giving them your business.
  5. Contracts – The question always asked is “how long is your contract?” It is a safe assumption that all vendors have a contract, but not ALL of them actually do. GPS Insight does not require a contract to purchase.
  6. Stability – There is a lot of consolidation in the GPS fleet tracking space. Many worry if the vendor they choose is trying to be bought or go public, which will change the vendor’s infrastructure, and ultimately the user interface and overall customer experience. Also consider whether or not they will go out of business. There are a lot of ‘fly by night’ GPS fleet tracking companies out there.

These are the top concerns that we have seen. What else are you concerned about? Please let us know.