Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet Tracking Software

GPS Insight’s fleet tracking software provides you visibility over your vehicles, equipment, and other mobile assets. Fleet tracking software provides much more than just track and trace; it delivers the data you need to solve real business challenges.

How does fleet tracking software solve real business challenges?

We understand that every business is unique. You face different challenges and require specific features and functionality to solve those challenges. That’s why we tailor our fleet tracking software to meet your exact business needs. We give you the information you need, when you need it, the way you want to see it.

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Get the functionality you need to streamline fleet management.

By providing highly flexible fleet tracking software that includes a wide range of reports, alerts, and other features, we can fit the exact needs of all our customers.

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Receiving automated reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis helps you stay on top of everything from fuel usage, labor expenses, and billing accuracy.


Integrating fleet tracking software with other business applications provides a complete view into your operations and allows you to make better business decisions.



For information that requires immediate attention, management and/or drivers benefit from receiving proactive alerts by text message or email.


Setting up scheduled maintenance reminders will help to extend the lifespan of your fleet by letting you and/or your drivers know when maintenance is coming up or is overdue.


Enhance dispatch with real-time visibility into your fleet’s location and status. Use simple dispatching functionality to get the job done quickly and accurately.


Don’t waste time making phone calls every time you need to pass along quick messages to your drivers. You can relay information to/from drivers more efficiently with fleet tracking software.

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Scorecard Reports rank vehicles based on speeding, idling, drive time, and other metrics to provide an overview of performance.

Data on the Go

Use GPS Insight’s Mobile App to view your vehicles’ locations and statuses, send messages to your drivers, dispatch quickly, and more.

GPS Insight vs. Other Fleet Tracking Software Companies

No one focuses more on the customer experience and the flexibility of their fleet tracking software than GPS Insight.

Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach is a concierge buying process, unlike any other fleet tracking company.

Continuous Advancement

We are continually advancing our tracking solutions to stay at the leading edge of vehicle technology.

Customizable Features

You can customize the information to be exactly what you need and the way you want to see it.

First Class Service

We offer you 24/7/365 customer service to ensure you always get the help you need.

Unmatched Scalability

We keep the quality of our product consistent, regardless of your business size.

Unlimited Location History

You can access your vehicle’s historical location data forever.

Installation Process

You will be up and running quickly with our fine-tuned installation process.

Customer Satisfaction

We focus on building lasting partnerships with impactful results.

Find out today how you can solve your most pressing business challenges.

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.