Telematics Solution with GSA Schedules

The General Services Administration (GSA) is a government agency that helps in the procurement process for the public sector, helping organizations with acquiring business solutions and services at reduced costs.

Long-term contracts with commercial firms are pre-negotiated, providing end users many services and at a discounted price. For this process to be more efficient, GSA uses schedules, contract vehicles which link an agency or organization from the public sector to the commercial company that offers the desired solution.

For example, if an organization is considering a telematics solution to reduce its operational costs, GSA schedule could link that organization to a telematics provider such as GPS Insight.

Using GSA schedules for procurement of a telematics solution makes the purchasing process more efficient. Since the contracts are pre-filled or pre-negotiated, organizations save a great amount of time.

How GPS Insight can help 

Government organizations turn to GPS Insight when they are concerned about reckless driving affecting the safety of their drivers and citizens, high fleet operating costs impacting the budget, and inefficient practices that waste time and money. Our fleet management solutions help solve these significant challenges and make fleet management easier for you and your team. 

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