Telematics Solution with BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative

BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative is a leader in providing public cooperative contracting.

Using cooperative contracts, the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative benefits the public sector by lowering costs, increasing competition, and gaining favorable terms and conditions. Government and non-profit organizations with fleets can take advantage of better contracts for telematics thanks to BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative. 

Note: not all jurisdictions permit involvement with cooperative contracts due to regulations of the cooperative’s scope. It is always best to ask a procurement professional for guidance.

Purchasing from a cooperative purchasing organization like BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative provides public sector organizations a simpler approach upgrading fleets with telematics. Since the March 2015 Executive Order, many states have implemented vehicle telematics for government vehicles.

With the help of BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative, the public sector can take a bolder and more secure approach to obtain a telematics solution contract.

How GPS Insight can help 

Government organizations turn to GPS Insight when they are concerned about reckless driving affecting the safety of their drivers and citizens, high fleet operating costs impacting the budget, and inefficient practices that waste time and money. Our fleet management solutions help solve these significant challenges and make fleet management easier for you and your team. 

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