Telematics and the Public Sector

Telematics can provide fleet operators with information about vehicle locations, speeds, idling, fuel use, engine status, and more. For state agencies, state administrations (DOA, DGS, DAS),  local governments, universities and school districts, public utility companies, and special district authorities, a solution for keeping track of service vehicles is crucial. 

A March 2015 Executive Order sought to improve government agency fleet management and vehicle efficiency with telematics. As such, many state, local, and municipal-run fleet vehicles have telematics devices installed. Many organizations have reported increased efficiency and greater protection for its assets thanks to telematics.

The Department of Energy reported that telematics improved operations, safety, and data collection of state their vehicles. The Department of Veteran Affairs has telematics for 30% of its fleet.

How GPS Insight can help 

Government organizations turn to GPS Insight when they are concerned about reckless driving affecting the safety of their drivers and citizens, high fleet operating costs impacting the budget, and inefficient practices that waste time and money. Our fleet management solutions help solve these significant challenges and make fleet management easier for you and your team. 

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