AOBRD to ELD: Technical Differences

ELD Product Specialist John Gaither discusses the technical AOBRD differences between earlier electronic logging methods and the new generation of recording devices, known as ELDs, and how they keep drivers more responsible for their logs.

Tech Talk: AOBRD Differences Versus ELDs

As our ELD expert, John Gaither has fielded just about every ELD-related question. John’s experience with transportation electronics and management began as a distributor for Tripmaster—the very first electronic onboard recorder—in 1984. Since then, John has sold and implemented onboard solutions in thousands of vehicles and hundreds of fleets throughout North America.

Still Struggling with Your Compliance Solution?

According to surveys by Overdrive and Commercial Carrier Journal, 30% of respondents were still using legacy AOBRDs. About 11% percent of those are in transition and using both during the final days before the deadline. That last-minute rush might be the cause of organizations frustrated with their HOS solutions.

Even though they’re compliant, they might not be getting the best results.

If you’re interested in upgrading your compliance solution, please visit our HOS/ELD page to see how we can help. We offer much more than basic compliance, as well as interfaces to fit your needs. Our ELD Mobile option is a streamlined ELD and DVIR all in one simple mobile app, providing low-cost compliance without compromise. ELD Connect is a rugged solution that allows quick implementation for organizations that have zero-tolerance mobile device policies.

Finally, there’s our standalone, app-based, DOT-compliant DVIR Mobile option. It offers multilingual support and the most customization available.

Need to Know More About Electronic Logging?

Check out our blog post that takes the information in this video even further. It also links to even more videos about the ongoing ELD discussion, and how the FMCSA Hours of Service regulations can impact your organization!

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