Pool Agency

Uses GPS Tracking to reduce costs and increase accountability

Pool Agency

Pool Service

Phoenix, AZ


“GPS Insight has a great product and great support staff. I have never had a problem getting ahold of support and they have always been friendly and willing to help, even with more obscure requests for reports.”

Adam Beech

President Pool Agency


  • Thousands of dollars saved per month just by limiting vehicle idling
  • GPS tracking put a stop to unauthorized side jobs and unnecessary fuel use
  • Improved employee accountability


Pool Agency is a pool service and repair company located in Phoenix, AZ.


Pool Agency started researching GPS tracking for insight into vehicle locations throughout the workday. Not having a way to verify if/when drivers were on the job site made it challenging to provide proof of job completion to customers. “In the pool industry, it is not always easy to prove you completed a service because you are dealing with a body of water that is open to the environment,” said Adam Beech, President of Pool Agency. “You can clean a pool spotless then a gust of wind will come and blow leaves into the pool, so the customer may think you were never there.”

Pool Agency was also looking to increase employee accountability and eliminate unauthorized usage of company vehicles. “I had a friend send me a picture of one of my trucks driving around on the weekend in an area that it shouldn’t be in,” said Beech. “We were spending much more than necessary on fuel because vehicles were being used outside of work hours, but had no way to prove it.” Unauthorized usage of company vehicles will increase unnecessary fuel expenses, increase wear and tear, and is a liability for pool service fleets, so it should be prevented when possible.

Monitoring maintenance can be a labor-intensive, yet necessary, part of fleet management. When maintenance is not managed in the most efficient way possible, it can cause important services to be missed and create unexpected expenses for pool service fleets. Pool Agency needed a GPS tracking solution that could automate maintenance to ensure all services were completed when they needed to be. “We had one of our managers trying to keep track of routine services and odometer readings manually, which lead to important maintenance being overlooked and expensive repairs,” said Beech. “We had to completely rebuild the engine on two trucks because they fell through the cracks, it ended up costing us $4,000 a piece to fix.”


Since implementing the GPS tracking and fleet management solution from GPS Insight, Pool Agency has gained the ability to provide proof of job completion to customers. By accessing historical fleet data, they have been able to eliminate customer disputes by verifying or disputing claims with tangible evidence. With the stop notes report, Pool Agency can provide photographic evidence of job completion that includes a time stamp, GPS location, and detailed notes of what happened on the jobsite.

Having access to their vehicles’ real-time locations has helped Pool Agency increase employee accountability and put a stop to unauthorized usage of company vehicles. By enabling odd hours alerts, Pool Agency’s managers are notified when trucks are moving when or where they shouldn’t be. “With GPS Insight, I was able to setup alerts that come straight to my cell phone the second a truck is moving after hours or outside of a certain area,” said Beech.

Implementing GPS Insight has helped Pool Agency streamline maintenance management by ensuring all services are completed when they are due. Using GPS tracking allows Pool Agency to monitor maintenance automatically and keep track of mileage for every vehicle in the fleet. “We no longer need to rely on drivers to tell us their miles driven or have managers manually tracking odometer readings, the software keeps track of that for us,” said Beech. Pool agency also utilizes maintenance reminders to ensure vehicles receive preventative maintenance to avoid expensive repairs after the fact.