Used GPS fleet tracking to ensure quick emergency response

NuBilt Restoration & Construction


Denver, Colorado


“We have saved on an average roughly $375 a month on fuel cost. This in total is saving us a good $4,500 a year!”

Stephen VanVladricken
IT Manager, NuBilt


  • Saved $4,500 a year on fuel costs.

  • Able to uphold two-hour
    emergency response guarantee


NuBilt is a restoration and construction company based in Denver, Colorado. They have been serving the Denver area since 1996 and are considered a one-stop, single-source solution for any disaster. NuBilt guarantees a two hour response time, 24/7/365.


Nubilt knew that they needed to reduce their high fuel costs. In order to do this, they needed a tool that would show them how their vehicles were being used. The company also needed a way to tell when employees arrived and left jobsites and their overall whereabouts throughout the day. Most importantly, NuBilt needed to improve dispatching to ensure that their two hour response time guarantee was upheld.


As a business that prides itself on exceptional service, NuBilt wanted to make sure they chose a technology that operated in the same manner that would help them with their business challenges. After comparing a few GPS fleet tracking companies, NuBilt decided that GPS Insight had all of the device options, features, and functionality they needed to accomplish their goals and more.

NuBilt uses The GPS Insight fleet tracking solution to monitor driver behavior and recognize areas for improvement, in order to reduce their fuel expense and improve safety. According to Stephen VanVladricken, IT Manager at NuBilt, they use the software to reduce idle time, speeding, and inefficient routing to save a significant amount of money in fuel.

“We have saved on an average roughly $375 a month on fuel cost. This in total is saving us a good $4,500 a year!,” said VanVladricken.

“We had over 30+ hours weekly of idle time. The employees were sitting in their cars on either hot or cold days and idling instead of going into an establishment to eat or finding a park to rest and take their lunch. This was causing a lot of extra gas to be wasted during these periods,” said VanVladricken. They used this information to coach their employees and ultimately reduce how much they spend in fuel.

GPS Insight provides detailed landmark information for NuBilt management to see when employees have arrived and left jobs.

“We enter each job into the Landmarks Editor, which will then allow us from this point on to identify this job when an employee either enters or exits or needs to return,” said VanVladricken. This is beneficial for information on time management, dispatching information, and just knowing vehicle activity and stop locations.

Nubilt uses the GPS Insight Driver ID functionality to know which employee is driving which vehicle. “We wanted a feature where the employees could be individually tracked, not just the vehicle, and having the ability to implement the Driver ID key fobs was ideal,” said
VanVladricken. This is beneficial for payroll, driver behavior coaching,
and accountability.

Efficient dispatching is crucial for NuBilt to ensure that they uphold
their two hour emergency response guarantee. They use GPS Insight to always send the best option to a job site. According to VanVladricken, “We use the GPS Insight custom icons as vehicle
identifiers for our water trucks, recon trucks, project managers, and
sales to identify the appropriate vehicle for the job and then from there, put the address in the 2D current map to get the closest ones.

Following that we will dispatch the vehicle to the location based upon their availability.”

GPS Insight allows NuBilt to take full control of their fleet. They are now able to keep the cost of fuel down, monitor driver behavior and
location, and dispatch their team more efficiently than ever before. “With the data provided from GPS Insight, you can create a great plan for your company to follow and correct wrong actions taken,” said VanVladricken.