Invader Pest Management

Company benefits from more than $1,000 per month in fuel savings

Invader Pest Management

Pest Control

Phoenix, AZ


“It has paid for itself, and I don’t have a problem paying for it each month, since without it, I know our costs would be a lot more than what we spend on GPS.”

Fred Willey

President, Invader Pest Management


  • $1,000 dollars saved per month on fuel costs alone

  • Improved dispatching and customer service

  • Decreased payroll expenses and reduced vehicle downtime


Invader Pest Management is a leading Phoenix, Arizona pest control company that has been in business for over 17 years.


Invader Pest Management needed help controlling fuel costs. Management wanted to know exactly how much they were spending and if the money was being spent for the right reasons. This has been especially important with gas prices on the rise.

Invader Pest Management also needed to know how long technicians were spending at each job location. This information would give them an idea of how productive their techs were and whether or not they could complete more jobs per day.


When Invader Pest Management chose GPS Insight as their GPS tracking provider, they immediately started seeing benefits. According to Fred Willey, President of Invader Pest Management, they save at least $1,000 per month in fuel alone, not including money saved in proper maintenance and accurate billing. “It has paid for itself and I don’t have a problem paying for it each month, since without it, I know our costs would be a lot more than what we spend on GPS,” said Willey.

Invader Pest Management has seen a mileage reduction in their vehicles. Techs can no longer drive out of the way to get lunch. They are asked to stay close to customer locations. They continuously check vehicle route efficiency to see if they are going the most common sense route or not and make corrections where needed.

Knowing where their techs are in real-time has led to more efficient dispatching. Invader Pest Management can now send techs to customer locations right away, knowing which truck is closest and which tech has the most time to take the job. This has helped increase productivity, leading to more jobs completed per day, which has been one of the biggest benefits.

GPS Insight has also been a valuable tool in decreasing payroll expenses. Invader Pest Management uses GPS Insight reports to see when techs start and end their day. Techs still log their own hours, “and the nice thing about GPS Insight, is that it is easy to see their accuracy, it’s black and white,” Willey said.

Additionally, Willey has seen benefits from scheduling service reminders and receiving vehicle diagnostic information. They schedule service reminders so that they no longer go over mileage for maintenance, keeping their vehicles in optimal condition. They also receive diagnostic trouble codes, which help them stay on top of any issues from the vehicles’ engines before they get serious, reducing downtime.

An unforeseen benefit has been the increase is customer service. Invader Pest Management now provides proof that a tech serviced a customer location. This can be done by simply emailing or printing a GPS Insight report for the customer. “We use GPS Insight 50/50 as far as controlling our own costs and reporting to customers what is being done,” said Willey.

Willey concluded by saying, “It has worked great for us and we think it’s a great program!”