Dunn Lumber

Saved thousands of dollars in fuel

Dunn Lumber


Seattle, WA


“GPS Insight offered more bang for our buck, and their service is tested and true.”

Glenn Merrill
Central Dispatch Dunn Lumber


  • Immediately realized cost savings

  • Gained peace of mind by knowing where fleet vehicles were located

  • Significantly increased safety


Dunn Lumber is a lumber yard and delivery service for homeowners and professional contractors in Washington State. Dunn Lumber has been in business for over 100 years and operates in 11 locations. They have 30 vehicles and all 22 of their delivery trucks are using GPS Insight.


Dunn Lumber knew that their vehicle costs were too high and needed to find a way to bring them down. They needed to know where these assets were at all times and how they were being handled. As a delivery fleet, Dunn Lumber wanted to make sure they were as efficient as possible. Also, in the lumber industry, safety is a high priority. They planned to select a technology that would help the company monitor employee and asset safety at all times.


Once Dunn Lumber installed the GPS Insight vehicle tracking solution, their goals became achievable. They immediately began to drive their costs down by monitoring driver behavior. Glenn Merrill, Central Dispatch for Dunn Lumber said, “We have seen a significant reduction in idle time and off-route travel which has resulted in thousands of dollars saved annually.” This savings is represented in fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

GPS Insight allowed Dunn Lumber to work on safety and efficiency gains with their operators. They are able to select preferred routes for their operators, avoiding narrow or unsafe roads.

The most significant improvement, though, has been peace of mind. “Fifteen years ago a delivery fleet operated on trusting their equipment and operators. We’ve removed that from the equation by always knowing where our fleet is at all times,” stated Merrill. This intangible benefit to GPS tracking software is also one of the most valued by GPS Insight customers.

GPS Insight has been a valuable and crucial fleet management tool for Dunn Lumber. It has helped to streamline their overall fleet operations by lowering fuel costs, plus increasing safety and efficiency. “We found GPS Insight offered more bang for our buck and their service is tested and true,” said Merrill.

Merrill concluded, “I would happily recommend GPS Insight as a fleet tracking and reporting service. We’ve received a high level of support and service from them.”

How GPS Insight can help companies:

  • Reduce fuel costs by monitoring driver behavior

  • Improve overall dispatch efficiency

  • Increase employee and asset safety

  • Gain peace of mind knowing where your assets are at all times