Added to their service offering with GPS Insight


Security Services

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania


“GPS Insight was able to provide a cost efficient product with options customizable to my needs.”

Matt Klock
District Manager, AlliedBarton


  • Saved hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

  • Gained fraud detection abilities.

  • Improved invoicing accuracy.


AlliedBarton Security Services is the largest American-owned company offering security officer services with over 50,000 employees and 100 offices located across the United States. Established in 1957, the company is a trusted leader with proven expertise in a number of markets.


AlliedBarton recognized a need for increased patrol and alarm response services for clients and prospects, so they began enhancing this service to stay ahead of the competition. As the demand for patrol and alarm response continued to grow, AlliedBarton realized they would need an efficient way to track the location of the vehicles and the amount of time they spent at each property. This is what sparked AlliedBarton’s interest in GPS tracking.


AlliedBarton began using the GPS insight fleet tracking solution in Orange County, CA. Matt Klock, District Manager, chose GPS Insight for multiple reasons. Personal service played an integral role in Klock’s decision.

“The representative spent time training me on the product and was always available for me when I had questions,” he explained. “GPS Insight was also able to provide a cost efficient product with many options customizable to my needs.”

Once GPS Insight was implemented, AlliedBarton was able to verify the location of officers and justify their cost to their clients. GPS Insight has proven to be much more insightful for AlliedBarton than simply proof of location. Managers and employees appreciate the enhanced level of safety available through GPS Insight. If an officer is in an accident while on patrol, the location of their vehicle can quickly be tracked.


With GPS tracking available, AlliedBarton gained the ability to investigate fuel card fraud, using in depth reporting to identify the time and location of the gas card purchases.

Klock stated, “I run the fuel consumption and mileage report to validate the amount of fuel used each shift and the total number of miles driven by each driver. If a fuel card is misused or stolen, we can determine that quickly.”

The Orange County vehicles that are equipped with GPS Insight have installed diagnostic hardware devices. The devices allow management to receive engine diagnostic trouble code reports. AlliedBarton can proactively maintain their vehicles and save money by preventing unnecessary repairs. Klock recently received a vehicle diagnostic code notification that alerted him of an issue with the vehicle. Needing repairs, the vehicle was left with the local mechanic, who then diagnosed additional problems, but failed to identify the initial diagnostic trouble code.

“I challenged them by sharing the diagnostic report and they were able to identify the problem and only repaired what the report indicated. I truly believe that the GPS Insight report saved us hundreds of dollars of unnecessary repairs,” Klock affirmed.

GPS Insight provides customization and enhancements which fleet based companies demand. Klock needed to run an audit for a customer to find out information regarding a vehicle patrol during a specific date and time.

He explained, “I went into the Activity Detail Report and pulled
the date in question, but I had to go through 24 hours of stops,
idle times, and patrols. I contacted my sales representative and
mentioned to him that it would be nice to have a feature on the report where you can put in the date you need to review and a specific time frame to help narrow down the search. Within 24 hours of my comment, GPS Insight had added this new feature and made my auditing that much more effective. GPS Insight listens to its customers and will make the necessary adjustments to help you become more efficient.”

GPS Insight has been able to provide officer accountability, verification of officer patrol for improved invoicing accuracy, detection of fraud and helped in avoiding unnecessary vehicle repairs. Additionally, GPS Insight was able to quickly turn around a custom request, which is now available for all customers. Since the implementation of GPS tracking for AlliedBarton’s Orange County vehicles, GPS Insight has become a regular provider of GPS tracking solutions to AlliedBarton across the country.