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Author: Robert Dennis
Marketing Programs Manager

Easily Connect GPS Insight to ServiceTitan

Jan 4, 2016

Customer News

GPS Insight has developed a new connector that directly integrates an organization’s GPS data with ServiceTitan, a leading home services software platform. ServiceTitan is an end to end provider that integrates phone, GPS, customer, and sales data into a single, comprehensive solution for the home services industry.

With a new, simple integration process using Webhooks, GPS Insight customers are now able to directly connect their vehicle location data into ServiceTitan’s robust dispatch board for more efficient dispatching decisions. Customers of both systems can get the most of their vehicle location data through simpler identification of available technicians for nearby job locations.

GPS Insight offers an industry-leading set of APIs that is flexible enough to integrate valuable data into the systems that are essential to an organization. Webhooks are a collection of APIs that are meant to simplify more complex integrations so that customers don’t need programmers or developers to set them up. GPS Insight is dedicated to bringing customers the most powerful and flexible GPS fleet tracking system and will continue to develop more webhooks to easily integrate vehicle location data into other, complimentary systems.

More Information
For more information and other possible integrations within your organization, please visit our integrations page. To enable the ServiceTitan integration, please contact your GPS Insight Account Manager today.

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