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Your Assets Need a Bodyguard – 24 hour protection

When fleet businesses think about using technology to keep track of their assets, it’s usually to ensure they know where their drivers are at a given time or as an anti-theft measure protecting their vehicles.

More and more, fleet managers have begun to utilize tracking technology to ensure the security of different assets and tools that have become prime targets for thieves.

In fact, utilizing GPS tracking to protect assets is becoming a key component of a healthy fleet organization.

Listen Like Thieves

Vehicle theft is a significant issue across the nation. Overall, the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) reported 804K vehicles were stolen in the U.S. in 2020, one every 39 seconds, costing vehicle owners over $7 billion. While passenger cars make up more than 74% of all stolen motor vehicles, commercial and public fleets are prime—and pricey—targets for thieves.

According to some industry estimates, most businesses deal with two or more stolen vehicles per year. Thankfully, most businesses do recover their stolen vehicles, but many do not. One lost vehicle can cost a company $50,000 or more and, to compound that loss, companies then lose several thousands of dollars in driver downtime for each stolen vehicle. Protecting these assets is an absolute necessity for fleet operations.

The same is true of other key assets. Heavy equipment, containers, trailers, tools and other valuable field assets are crucial items for thousands of businesses across the nation, and they’re expensive to replace.

Thieves have gotten much more sophisticated. Simply relying on barbed wire, alarms, and padlocks to protect fleet assets is like fleet managers relying on a chalkboard, telegraph, and calculator to run their operations. To truly safeguard your assets and prevent taking an unnecessary loss, managers must equip their assets with innovative technology, not outdated tools.


If you have a mixed fleet that includes vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment, or any other type of asset, it’s crucial to use a GPS tracking system that offers the right asset tracking functionality.

With any type of solution, it’s important to first have an understanding of what your goals are or what issues you are trying to solve—and asset tracking is no different. If you are researching technology options to track your mixed fleet, the following are the key considerations to ensure the solution meets all your needs.

What Kind of Asset Tracking Do You Need?

What kind of information are you looking to retrieve from your assets or equipment? Do you need to know runtime, distance, location, or all of the above? Also, determining how often you need updates on location and other types of information about the asset are important when looking for solutions. For instance, if you need to know the distance traveled (pinged every few minutes) vs. whether it moved location or is being stolen (pinged once or twice a day), the cost will vary based on these different ping frequencies. The more pings per day, the higher the monthly cost.

Tool-Tracking-Left_800x500 Trailer

Powered or Unpowered?

Do the assets you want to track have their own power source? For unpowered assets (such as flatbed trailers, storage containers, and some heavy construction equipment) there are battery-powered devices available. One key consideration here is that with battery-powered devices, the more times they send information, the faster the battery will be consumed. Some asset tracking providers do offer solar-powered devices.

Challenges Asset Tracking Solves


Fleet utilization: Know what assets are under vs. overutilized so that the work can be distributed efficiently and reduce costs.


Preventative maintenance: Schedule maintenance alerts so that your assets stay in the field longer.

Theft: Access the current location of your asset and provide the exact location of your stolen property to authorities.

Protect Your Assets

As with vehicles, the best way for fleet managers to track and protect their major assets is through GPS tracking devices. With Titan GPS, part of the GPS Insight family, you’ll never lose another asset again. You can quickly recover your misplaced assets, allocate your supply better and fully utilize your resources. Fleet managers can ensure trailers, containers and unpowered assets are exactly where they are supposed to be and, if the worst happens, helps businesses quickly recover lost or stolen equipment and provide valuable information to help you work with employees and police to quickly track down a stolen vehicle. That’s serious peace of mind for anyone entrusted with an expensive company asset.

Every business—and every asset—is different. Protection is not one-size-fits-all. GPS Insight takes the guesswork out of asset management, with several different GPS asset-tracking devices, each with unique strengths tailored to support every type of fleet and field business. Battery-powered and solar-powered options are available. Each of the trackers is easily installed and features self-charging, motion detection, and location-tracking technology.


Maximize Utilization

Keep valuable assets deployed where they need to be, and know they’re safe and secure. No matter what type of asset tracking solution you ultimately require, the top asset tracking tools:


Detect suspicious events: Imagine an asset moved when it wasn’t supposed to move. Trackers detect suspicious events and send them to your tracking software. Receive alerts when there’s unauthorized use at certain places or times. Real-time notifications alert you to after-hours use and tampering, so you can take immediate action to prevent theft.

Provide easy connectivity: Different assets call for different GPS tracking devices depending on the job. We can help you identify the device that serves you best. Configure it to your unique needs, like GPS trailer tracking.

These devices have the convenience of using national cellular networks. Our satellite devices are perfect for equipment tracking in remote areas, whether you need a GPS trailer tracking system deep in the forest or in urban/rural areas.


Self-powered: GPS trackers are self-sufficient, high-coverage devices that deliver your assets’ real-time location data. They feature superior coverage for both powered and non-powered asset tracking in remote locations. and report to your interface for easy asset management.

GPS trackers are typically mounted on the exterior of an asset and are ruggedly built to be weather resistant. Our GPS asset trackers are fueled by solar or battery power. Devices can last one to 10 years on a full charge, depending on their configuration.


Provide high-interval reporting: GPS asset trackers report based on intervals and/or motion. Our team will help you determine the right transmission interval plan. Our tracking platform monitors unauthorized movement, last known location data, arrivals, departures, and after-hours movement. In addition to sending low-battery alerts. Our dynamic geofencing can also trigger alerts for entry/exit events.

Can be easily tracked from your phone, tablet, or computer: Our units report their location based on configuration. The user-friendly fleet management app will provide valuable insights into resource allocation and location.

The mobile app also includes a graphical dashboard with real-time location updates. All of our self-powered devices are integrated into our single end-to-end application. Download to easily access on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


Ensure a digital paper trail: Everything about your asset’s journey is collected, so you know exactly where it was at any given time. Toss out your equipment transfer forms and shared spreadsheets.

See how GPS Insight can help protect your assets. Schedule a demo with a GPS tech here.