Working with GPS Insight to Support Your Clients Drive Revenue

Working with GPS Insight to Support Your Clients, Drive Revenue

In an economy still rife with uncertainty and challenge, finding ways to maximize business revenue and inflow can be the difference between a successful year and a struggle. More and more businesses are looking for new ways to generate a pipeline of additional recurring revenue and are turning to partnership and referral programs with trusted clients and vendors.

The fleet and field service marketplace is growing every day and becoming more collaborative and interactive than ever. GPS Insight technology—from GPS tracking to AI-enabled cameras to smart cameras and business management software—helps keep fleet and field service companies moving.

We are excited to announce our new reseller and referral partner program to companies that are serious about expanding their revenue opportunities in a critical industry.

The GPS Insight Reseller and Referral program makes it easy to capitalize on our proven, industry-leading products for workforce efficiency and business operations. Reselling IoT fleet management solutions are growing in popularity for technology distributors due to the industry versatility and potential for recurring revenue. This program enables partners to offer clients innovative fleet solutions while meeting their own business objectives.

Generate Recurring Revenue

The U.S. MRM market revenues are estimated to grow from $4.8 billion in 2018 to $6.8 billion in 2022, equating to a 41% growth. By reselling fleet technology, you will be adding the ultimate recurring revenue source by tapping into key markets currently using the applications today, as well as being able to offer emerging technologies to your clients that will help solve their challenges.


Offer Emerging Technologies

Offer your clients fleet technologies in IoT, business analytics, and automation.

GPS Tracking for Vehicles, Equipment, Trailers

GPS tracking technology provides companies real-time fleet visibility, the capability to investigate fleet trends and measure KPIs, reduce fleet operating costs, and more.


Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) help organizations gain compliance with the ELD Mandate by tracking their Hours of Service (HOS) electronically.

Dash Cam

Forward and driver-facing cameras provide the ability to analyze unsafe driving incidents with video evidence to help coach safer driving behavior.

Integrations and Partners

The Ecosystem encompasses several fleet and other business technologies you can offer your clients, such as mobile workforce management, fleet maintenance, and fuel cards. See all integrations & partners.

Help Solve Your Clients Challenges

Fleet technology will help your clients make informed business decisions to improve accountability, driver and office efficiency, and safety.

Improve Accountability
Fleet technology provides real-time locations of vehicles and equipment to business owners, helps spot potential side jobs in company trucks, ensure employees track jobs accurately, and provide proof of service to customers.

Increase Efficiency
For a fleet operation, increasing efficiency relates to ensuring vehicles and equipment receive preventative maintenance on schedule, working as efficiently as possible to deliver the best customer experience, ensuring fuel efficiency, and examining the utilization of vehicles and equipment.

Reduce Risk
Issues with safety range from unsafe driver behavior, vehicle accidents and your clients’ liability for those accidents, and ensuring the safety of their employees and the public.

How it Works

There are two ways you can benefit from a partnership with GPS Insight:


Referral Partner

Referral partners can stay focused on their primary products/services and refer over the prospect for the GPS Insight team to lead the sales process, billing, implementations, installations, and ongoing support.

White Label Reseller

Our white label partners’ brands are a force in their markets, and we want to support the seamless brand experience when necessary. You can private label everything from the customized domain, mobile app, logo, and marketing materials.

Join the revolution and bring in new revenue while bringing innovative solutions to your clients. Become a Partner today.