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Why Seasonal Businesses Use GPS Tracking

GPS tracking seasonal business

Debating whether or not to use GPS Tracking as a seasonal business usually comes down to one sticking point – not wanting to pay for the system during slow times of the year or off-seasons. This is understandable from any consumer point of view. Who wants to be stuck paying for something that isn’t being utilized?

Beyond that, some believe GPS tracking isn’t worth the money to use during the active months of the business.

Here are two points to belay the above sticking point and thought that GPS tracking isn’t worth the money:

With GPS Insight, you do not have to pay for the system during off-season months.

GPS tracking has many different applications and results can be seen in as little as one month

Seasonal Business, Seasonal Payment

GPS Insight does not require seasonal businesses to sign a contract, but there is a higher premium on the monthly service cost. Owning the devices with no contract will allow you to turn the service on and off when you need to without paying a penalty. Keep the system active when you need it, turn it off when you don’t.

GPS Tracking Offers Driver Accountability

The most common business challenge that seasonal businesses turn to GPS tracking for is driver accountability. Knowing exactly where your drivers have been throughout the day is huge for industries such as snow removal services and landscaping companies. It’s important that snow plows hit every street for snow removal and that you can verify whether they have or not. If someone calls to ask if a sweeper has gone down their street yet, GPS tracking will give you the ability to quickly check and have an answer.

For landscaping companies, GPS tracking will provide the tools necessary to verify payroll and more accurately invoice customers. Having the ability to look back and see how long a crew visited a customer site at any given time saves from the headache of uncertainty and need to take the customer’s word for it. It’s a challenge when a customer calls in to say that your crew was only on site for 30 minutes when they should have been there for at least an hour with no way of knowing if that is the truth.

With no contract and knowing where your drivers are and have been, GPS tracking will elevate your seasonal business in solving driving accountability and adding to your bottom line.



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