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What is the Cost of Telematics?

Telematics Pricing

The first question many people ask is, “what is the cost of telematics?” when looking for a solution.

The cost of telematics industry-wide can be as low as $13.95 and upwards of $40.00 (per month, per vehicle).

Every telematics provider and solution is different and there are many reasons why the cost of telematics can range this much. For the rest of this article, we will take a look at the range and starting point costs of GPS Insight, and what factors can fluctuate the cost of telematics.


Telematics Cost Breakdowns

There are a couple factors to note before getting into the details:

GPS Insight does not have the lowest cost of telematics on the market. Customers come to us for the level of support they receive from a technical and training perspective.

GPS Insight does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Based on the specific business challenges you are looking to solve, types of vehicles and equipment in your fleet, and a variety of other factors, your needs will change in the solution and so will the price. So, while we are going to provide you numbers in relation to our telematics pricing, please note that they can change based on a number of variables.

Here’s a range of what you can expect for telematics pricing with GPS Insight (these are base monthly service costs regardless of whether you purchase or rent the devices):

Vehicle Tracking

The cost of telematics ranges from $19.95 – $29.95 for vehicle tracking. This cost is per vehicle, per month depending on your needs.

A catalyst that can fluctuate the cost of telematics is the update interval of the devices, or how frequently the device sends data back to the server for you to access. It’s easy to think of the device’s update interval like the data plan for your smartphone. The more data you use, the more it costs per month. The devices GPS Insight offers update at a two-minute interval by default.

Asset Tracking

The cost of telematics begins at $14.95 for asset tracking. This cost is per device, per month depending on your needs.

Asset tracking (for trailers, equipment, etc.) works a little different than vehicle tracking. It is structured by a number of times the device communicates back to the server a day. Most equipment tracking devices start at four times a day, mainly relating back location.

To Buy or to Rent – That is the Question

Another factor that can fluctuate the cost of telematics is whether you decide to purchase or rent the devices from GPS Insight. If you choose to purchase the devices up front, then it will cost a one-time fee. Renting the devices has a much lower upfront cost than the purchase cost, but will add a small fee to the overall monthly cost.

Professional vs. Self-Installation

Professional Installation
The cost of telematics professional installation can either be bundled into the monthly service fee for $5.00 extra per month, or you can pay for it per device up front starting at $85.00.

Professional installation is no different in that there are a number of factors that can cause the price to increase such as vehicle or equipment type, as well as any additional add-ons like Garmin, Driver ID, etc.

GPS Insight also offers installation guides (written and video) on how to perform the installation yourself (or if you have mechanics that feel comfortable doing so). This is something to consider, as it could help save on upfront costs of your overall telematics pricing.

However, it’s extremely important to make sure that installation is done correctly so there are no reporting issues with the device and no chance of driver tampering. Make sure you think about whether professional or self-installation is right for your fleet.



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