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Author: Jenny Malcolm
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Unique Use Cases for GPS Tracking:

Towing Fleets Use Custom Alerts to Improve Safety

GPS Tracking for Towing Fleets
Along with the ways you expect to use a GPS tracking solution, there are many unique uses cases for this technology to improve fleet operations. By working with a GPS tracking provider, towing fleets can solve unique concerns facing their industry.

This blog is part three of the “Unique Use Cases for GPS Tracking” series and highlights two safety challenges that towing fleets have been able to solve with GPS tracking technology.


The challenge:

A unique safety challenge for towing fleets is ensuring driver safety when picking up vehicles from potentially dangerous customer locations. For the most part, tow drivers head into service requests unsure of what they will encounter. This presents a significant safety risk for towing fleets because management has no way to guarantee their drivers’ safety on the job.

How it is solved with GPS tracking:

To increase driver safety during service requests, towing fleets can use a GPS tracking solution to create custom landmarks, or geo-fences, around locations that are known to be unsafe. If a particular residence has a history of violent residents or if a neighborhood is located in a bad part of town, fleet managers have the ability to let their drivers know as soon as they arrive by setting a landmark alert. Drivers will receive the alert to their cell phone to notify them as soon as they enter the landmark with a custom note about the location. For a dangerous customer site, a custom note could be, “Dangerous customer location! Police escort may be required.”

There are many other unique use cases for GPS tracking alerts. By selecting a GPS tracking provider with the ability to customize its functionality, you will be able to solve the challenges that are unique to your business.

For more information on how your business can solve unique safety challenges with GPS tracking, contact GPS Insight!

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