Two Great Tastes That Go Together:

Telematics and Seamlessly Connecting Fleet + Field

Chocolate and vanilla. Peanut butter and jelly. French fries and ketchup. Fleet and field solutions.

Sometimes, two things that go well together are better than one.

We all know that GPS Insight is the foremost industry leader in fleet management software and telematics solutions, and we have the receipts here, herethere, and here. We’re proud that our tools are helping fleet managers cut costs, save time, increase revenue and improve service, and we’re always looking to innovate and improve.

Over the course of the last two years, one of those improvement efforts is the integration of fleet management and field service management (FSM) solutions. Two great tastes in one, the GPS Insight pairing of fleet telematics solutions and FSM is transforming how organizations achieve peak operational efficiency and drive customer success.

Fleet + Field First Steps

Our goal is to help both fleet and field service companies seamlessly manage their mobile assets and mobile workforces together. In December 2021, we announced the addition of FieldAware, creating the leading combined fleet management, field services, and telematics software platform in the business. Adding Smart Scheduler, an innovative dispatch software that helps service managers significantly increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction, has been a game-changer.

We also launched Fleet + Field, a monthly newsletter designed to educate, inform, and inspire fleet management and field service professionals. Subscribers receive a recap of our latest blog articles, the lineup of in-person events GPS Insight will attend, invites to virtual events and webinars, helpful articles and the most important updates on technology and business solutions.


Seamlessly Connecting Fleet + Field

Creating best-in-class field service solutions and integrating them with GPS fleet management technology ensures greater visibility and efficiency for enterprises big and small. Our FSM suite empowers business leaders to ensure alignment among workers across both fleet and field. We’ve seamlessly connected critical tools to help managers and techs toggle between fleet and field applications, better schedule jobs based on technician working hours, skills, permits, and clearly see the full picture with a live map for a “command center” view of field operations.

In addition, we are streamlining timesheets showing jobs performed, hours worked, hours traveled, and overtime earned, and helping businesses scale with a rich ecosystem of integrations that include best-in-class ERP and accounting applications.

Why Integrate Fleet + Field? Telematics

In a service organization, field and fleet departments are often siloed, leading to potentially hazardous operational blind spots that can only be eliminated with effective telematics. Without telematics, there’s no clear picture of what’s really happening across your field service organization. By connecting telematics data with field service management software, GPS Insight unites all the data from field
service, safety, and fleet management into a cohesive data environment—giving organizations the tools they need to run as a connected unit.

Too often, service organizations don’t see their techs as drivers. But just like a career driver, techs need efficient routes and tools to stay safe behind the wheel. Telematics solutions allow managers to determine if techs are exhibiting risky driving behaviors getting from job to job.

Telematics provide key insights to managers, showing them where a vehicle is located on a map, helping them optimize the tech’s schedule efficiently and effectively.

Your customers expect top-tier service with real-time updates. Without telematics, fleet and field managers miss out on real-time communication that provides a better experience for everyone involved. Telematics also ensure managers can reduce costs and meet sustainability goals by helping set effective goals or measure KPIs at the technician level.

The future of the fleet and field industries are aligned. Tools that help align data and dispatch to optimize your workforce and maximize productivity are crucial to success.

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