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The Value of a Great Customer Experience with Telematics

I Should Know, I’m Your Account Manager
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Have you ever had a horrible customer service experience?

Most of us certainly have had that experience as everyday consumers of various products and services. We know what it’s like to feel our hearts beating against our chests with anger and the heat in our faces because of what a customer care representative either said or did. Did you stay with that company or product? Most likely, the answer is no because all it takes is one bad experience to turn you away from a product or service.

A great customer experience is harder to come across these days despite being one of the most important aspects of choosing a product or service, a challenge not limited to the telematics space. It is often overlooked at the beginning because of price, features, and other considerations that weigh into a decision.

In my role as an Account Manager for GPS Insight, I’ve heard plenty of stories from customers who came to us stating that it was always hard to get a hold of someone from their last vendor, and when they did, it was never the same person. This inconsistency results in having to explain your situation over and over, which is terribly frustrating.

When looking for a telematics provider, it’s easy to simply ask, “Cut to the chase, what’s your price?”  without testing the solution’s functionality or the company’s customer service. While price is certainly important, it should not be the only determining factor. It’s important to ask questions about the provider’s customer support such as, “Is it based in the U.S.? Is support 24/7/365? Do I have a dedicated account manager? Is there someone, preferably the same person, who I can call anytime I have a question and know that they are going to help me out?”

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What is a great customer experience worth to you?

This may not be a simple question to answer but is important to keep in mind when looking for a telematics provider. Are you looking for dots on a map or simple vehicle tracking with no interest in diving deeper with the system for a real ROI? If the answer is yes, then great customer experience shouldn’t weigh that heavily on your telematics decision. However, if you’re looking for a company that your business can grow with, that will go beyond simple track and trace, and that will collaborate with you to find opportunities within your fleet to be successful, then great customer experience should weigh substantially on your telematics decision.

Just remember, if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. If a telematics provider offers incredibly low prices, then it is likely that the technology and other services will be lacking.

I’ve heard from some of our customers who have used a cheaper solution talk about how no one from that other telematics provider cared about them being successful with their product, let alone if they even used it. Although GPS Insight certainly isn’t the cheapest solution out there, we definitely offer you more than other solutions out there. I know because as a telematics customer service specialist, it is my main responsibility to make sure that our customers are successful using GPS Insight.



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