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Author: Jenny Malcolm
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Take Action on GPS Fleet Tracking Data

Image: Take Action on GPS Fleet Tracking Data

GPS fleet tracking systems have the ability to provide an abundant amount of information regarding your fleet, but it will only provide value to your business if you utilize the data. The most important thing for fleets to do in order to be successful with a GPS tracking system is to take action on fleet data. Although this point may seem obvious, it is actually very common for important fleet data to be underutilized, causing fleets to miss out on significant cost savings, increased revenue, increased efficiency, and many other benefits to their operations.

It’s essential to take action on GPS fleet tracking data to get the most out of your investment in the system. To obtain the most actionable data and utilize the information in the best way possible, you should decide which metrics to measure based on your specific business goals, receive only the data you need, and establish how your business will take action on the information received.

What are you measuring?

Before you can take action on fleet data, you need to first make sure you are monitoring the right metrics with a GPS tracking system. You should focus on setting up the best reports and alerts that will deliver actionable information depending on your use case for GPS tracking. It is important to realize that although GPS tracking systems are capable of capturing an unlimited amount of fleet data, it doesn’t mean that you should be receiving it all just because you can. Data overload is a common challenge expressed by fleet managers and typically occurs when too much information is being monitored. If you are not sure what fleet data to review, your GPS tracking provider should offer account management to help you identify this information based on your business needs.

How are you going to measure it?

There are different ways to monitor data with a GPS fleet tracking system depending on what information you are looking at and your level of interaction with the data. For a fleet manager, there is some information, like ensuring all fleet maintenance is completed, that should be reviewed via a report on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Other information that requires your immediate attention, like if a vehicle is moving during odd hours and is possibly being stolen, that should be received through a proactive alert so you are notified right away.

It is important to remember that although the fleet data you are measuring needs to be reviewed at some point, it does not all need to be reviewed in a real-time alert by one person. Receiving too many alerts will become overwhelming and actually cause alerts to be less effective overall. Strategically setting up how information is received and who reviews it will ensure that the appropriate attention is paid and ultimately provides the most value.

Take action on GPS fleet tracking data

Once you receive the data, the most important part of this process must take place – you need to take action. If your business is using GPS tracking to reduce speeding violations, reduce fuel expenses, increase productivity, or enhance safety, you can use the fleet data gathered in reports to coach employee to help achieve these goals. Receiving alerts for speeding, excessive idle time, odd hours usage, or any other significant challenge for your business will allow you to ensure these issues are handled quickly and appropriately. You can also start sending alerts straight to drivers to proactively handle these situations while they are happening. Once fleet data becomes a part of everyday analysis and employees understand what is expected of them, your business will benefit from a fleet tracking system.

Taking action on fleet data is not only important to ensure the greatest return on investment from a GPS tracking system, utilizing advanced analytics will enhance fleet operations and allow your business to solve significant business challenges. For more information on how your business can start taking action on your fleet data with a GPS tracking system, contact GPS Insight!

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