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Switching Telematics Providers

If you’re looking to switch telematics providers, here are the top questions asked by your peers:

"Will providers buy me out of my existing contract?"

"Can I use the same devices I already have installed?"

"What does retraining my team look like on the new software?"

Every provider will answer these questions differently. This article will address how the market commonly answers these questions, how GPS Insight does, as well as how you can expect to handle it in your transition.

“Will providers buy me out of my current contract?”

The most common way telematics contracts work is staggered per device, either according to their installation date or purchase date, much the same way cell phone plans operate. Every provider will differ in how they approach answering this question of buying you out of your existing contract. Something key to remember is auto-renewals.


If you don’t provide cancellation notice within the appropriate time, your contract will most likely auto-renew for the same amount of time. The common timeframe requested for cancellation is 60-90 days before the end of the contract and you must get confirmation from the provider that they received it. This leaves you with two options. Either ask the new provider you want to work with if they will help offset the cost or start your migration over to the new provider as each device contract ends. GPS Insight recommends waiting to put as many devices in one order as possible to prevent having a multitude of staggered contracts in the future.

“Can I use the same devices I already have installed?”

Many providers claim to be “hardware-agnostic” meaning that they will allow you to use your existing devices. While this may be possible, it is neither an easy or guaranteed process and is one that many providers shy away from. When transitioning to a new provider, GPS Insight recommends replacing any existing hardware to ensure that you receive the proper warranty coverage on the devices should any issues arise. Whether you are self-installing or scheduling professionals for the job, you should expect and plan on vehicle downtime to remove the old hardware and install the new devices. This vehicle downtime can be minimal if installations are planned out carefully.

“What does retraining my team look like on the new software?”

Every telematics provider has a different approach to their support after the sale. With some providers, you become a number with little to no resources to set you up for success with their product. With others like GPS Insight, you receive a dedicated Account Manager who will provide unlimited training for you and your team. These telematics providers who are invested in your success will also provide an online resource for you to access on your own time to learn at your own pace. You should expect some time for retraining and learn the new software. While main aspects of the systems might be similar, it’s new software, which always has a learning curve.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Switch

The theme with each of these answers is that you should expect the process to take some time when switching telematics providers. Whether you have to wait out an existing contract, plan and schedule uninstalling and reinstalling devices, or retraining your team on the new software, it will take time to do it right. But whatever the reason is you’re looking to switch, finding a quality vendor that makes sense is worth the time.


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