Solving the Biggest Construction Challenges

Here at GPS Insight, we know that running your construction company takes long-term commitment and a clear plan for now and the future.

In this multi-layered industry, companies must rely on various parties besides themselves—drivers, crews, equipment and others. Unfortunately, when a company must rely on others to execute a job, there are often inefficiencies that can result in unusually high operating costs. Nobody wants that.

GPS Insight has designed the perfect software to address the challenges of inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Below are three tools construction businesses are using to curtail the biggest challenges they face each day.


GPS Tracking

Not only does GPS tracking allow you to know exactly where your construction vehicles are in real-time, but you can also see where they have been. This can help you to verify your vehicles are going where they are supposed to go, when they’re supposed to go there. It will aid in recovering stolen assets quickly, as well as supporting immediate notification to authorities. Plus, a GPS tracking solution can help to save on fuel costs by prohibiting speeding, idling, and optimizing routes. And with the click of a button, you can verify costs like billable hours and fuel card expenses.


Driveri Fleet Safety Dash Cam

While not ideal, it is possible to run a business with high operating costs. What you can’t do is run a business with injured employees, damaged vehicles, or a tarnished reputation. Our Driveri Fleet Safety Dash Cam technology not only has automated driver coaching and in-cab alerts, but it gives drivers quick feedback on how they can improve. It holds critical information that can be reviewed in real-time, no matter if there is an in-cab or outside-vehicle event. All of this works together to protect your employees, other drivers on the road, and your company. This will keep you out of costly litigation and keep your reputation sparkling.


Field Service Management (FSM) Software

It is a necessity to have tools at your disposal to monitor and ensure all workflows are moving smoothly. So is ensuring your workers have accessibility to everything they need from the very beginning to the completion of a job. FSM software gives them access to all information through any mobile device and allows them to create invoices onsite. Plus, map-based scheduling supports a view of construction teams at a glance. This will ensure the completion of job documentation quickly and accurately with one-touch data collection.

We understand the inner workings of the industry, so we know there are many overhead costs that go into running your business. When you utilize any vast number of our tools, they can help you to analyze these expenses comprehensively, so you can be sure your business is not paying a penny more than it should on unnecessary costs. Plus, our solutions will help to extend vehicle and equipment lifestyles, increase safety, and improve billing accuracy and dispatch in the most efficient way.

From the perspective of a recently-selected Top Construction Technology Firm – recognized for the leading technology solutions we provide construction companies everywhere – we can definitively tell you firsthand how these construction fleet management solutions are helping companies successfully overcome their biggest challenges each and every day.