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Should I Get a Dash Cam from Amazon?

Right now, many people are asking if they should get a dash cam online. Our answer? It depends.

If you want a dash cam for your personal vehicle, ordering one from Amazon or your favorite online store might be perfect. But if you want real insights for a business with a fleet of vehicles, no mere dash cam will deliver.

Dash Cam Versus Fleet Camera

A dash cam is great for reactive situations: Your driver gets in an accident. You want evidence to find out what happened. That’s a perfect use case for a dash cam.

They are also excellent for capturing hard stops, hard accelerations and other high-G events.

If your organization would rather prevent accidents and coach its drivers, you need an option beyond the basic dash cam. That’s where fleet cameras come in. The features that separate these from a dash cam are multiple cameras, driver scoring, and artificial intelligence.

More important than the features, though, are how you can use an in-cab fleet camera. They’re really for preventing accidents from happening in the first place. They give drivers and managers more actionable information about driving habits — some cameras can even detect signs of distracted driving. This enhanced awareness can help them make decisions that avoid dangerous situations.

And they also help fleet managers put everything that happens in the cab into context.

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What Do You Mean “In Context?”

Let’s say your telematics devices detects a hard acceleration, a sudden stop or even a high G-force event like a hard turn?

Without any information, that can make your driver look bad. But what if that data is the result of actions your driver took to avoid a collision? An AI-equipped in-cab camera will see that as a positive event and give you the data to stand by your drivers for their quick thinking and their skills.

This can help your organization identify and build on good drivers. They can model best practices fleetwide. That’s good for your organization, your drivers, and your customers.

No Pouring Over Footage

With a dash cam, you’ll have to comb through hours of footage to find relevant events. An AI-equipped camera saves you from that time-wasting exercise: It automatically saves a segment whenever there’s a “triggering event” like hard braking or running a red light.

The AI processor analyzes what’s happening, and it knows when to save a segment. You can also use a mobile app to access videos on the go, in real time. The camera itself stores 100 hours of data locally.

Views and Information to Suit Your Needs

You can select a number of views from in-cab cameras. They can give you a full 360° view, a straight-ahead view, side views, driver-facing views, or any combination necessary. 

This flexibility gives you the information you need to make your fleet safer. You can tell if your drivers are focuses on the road, whether another driver’s actions prompted them, and even how carefully they’re following speed limits and road conditions.

A simple dash cam won’t be able to match the proactive approach of an in-cab fleet camera – from U-turn detection to speeding violations to following distance.

Wrapping Up the Dash Cam Question

Yes, you can buy a simple dash cam from any online retailer. But here’s the real question: What’s your goal, a fleet that looks like it’s trying to be safer or a fleet that really is committed to safety? If you’re in it for real improvement, you need more than a dash cam.

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Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.

Engage your fleet with GPS Insight.