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GPS Insight tracking and field service management software with dash cam and smaller images of Lytx software and Samsara software. Lytx vs Samsara vs GPS Insight

Samsara vs Omnitracs vs Gps Insight

When comparing these three telematics options head-to-head, who is the champion? We have an idea!

So, you’re comparing Samsara to Omnitracs. Chances are you’re trying to tell if employees on the clock are working, if drivers are driving vehicles safely, wasting fuel, or backtracking too much. You want visibility on your fleet, but not with a company that will introduce a new set of headaches.  

You’re probably comparing Samsara with Omnitracs to make sure you don’t sign a years-long contract with a company that puts you on hold with customer service while you’re trying to manage a critical task like finding a stolen trailer or connecting your new dash cams.  

Certain telematics companies have issues like a lack of communication, poor implementation support, and expensive up-front costs that can catch you by surprise.  

While we may be biased, we think we know the answer to finding a telematics company that communicates well, helps you onboard with all the details, and doesn’t sell you anything you don’t need.  

Here is how the options stack up:  

  1. GPS Insight
  2. Samsara
  3. Omnitracs

Sophisticated technology is great, but sometimes it’s as simple as finding the company who will give you the right fit for your specific needs instead of going overboard with bells and whistles.  Many fleets are only trying to implement automation to go paperless, for instance.

In the comparison of Samsara vs Omnitracs vs GPS Insight, consider factors like pricing, flexibility, and customer satisfaction to determine the best fit for your fleet management needs. Let’s dive in deeper to really understand the differences between the three solutions. 

GPS Insight Asset Tracking Header

1. GPS Insight: The Leader in Pricing & Options 

GPS Insight recognizes the unique needs of every fleet operation, whether you’re a small business, mid-market enterprise, or large corporation. We’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions to address your specific challenges and help you achieve your objectives.  

Our asset tracking systems are designed to tackle a wide range of fleet-related issues, including enhanced visibility, fleet maintenance, accurate payroll, driver accountability, and enforcing company policies. We understand that having comprehensive insights into your fleet’s operations is essential for fostering accountability, promoting safety, and maximizing efficiency.  

At GPS Insight, our mission is to empower you to reach your goals by providing reliable and effective fleet management solutions. We’re committed to delivering the tools and support you need to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.  

We offer solutions for a variety of industries. Solutions like: 


      • Fleet tracking in real-time 
      • Field Service Management software to digitize work orders 
      • Route planning for better fuel management and reducing idle time 
      • Ease of use software 
      • US-based customer support 
      • Geofencing to help organize your assets 
      • Much more! 

Outside of key features, you may come across solutions you wouldn’t have expected, like with our partners A-Tech.  

A-TEC Ambulance, Inc. is a private Chicago ambulance company that services ten major hospitals and over 100 nursing homes in the area. Before installing the Driveri dash cam in their fleet vehicles, some of their drivers were vaping while driving.  

You can see why that can be problematic for an ambulance company.  

Thankfully, with the notifications, they were getting to their fleet management software, they were able to use the screenshots and video footage in their driver management.  

Our solutions helped them recognize a problem they didn’t know they had and resolve it almost overnight. The results got them excited for the integrations our cameras and trackers have to offer.  

Here’s our breakdown of what user reviews say about our services and solutions.  


Tailored Solutions


GPS Insight offers customized solutions to meet the unique needs of various fleet operations, whether they are small businesses, mid-market enterprises, or large corporations.



Comprehensive Asset Tracking

GPS Assets Hero.png

Their asset tracking systems provide comprehensive solutions for fleet-related challenges, including enhancing visibility, ensuring accurate payroll verification, promoting driver accountability, and enforcing company policies.


Enhanced Visibility

Driveri Coaching Features

The GPS Insight solutions offer enhanced visibility into fleet operations, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their efficiency leading to increased efficiency and productivity, like if your drivers are vaping while driving.


Telematics Software

By promoting driver accountability and enforcing safety policies, GPS Insight helps improve overall fleet safety, reducing the risk of accidents and liabilities.


      • Occasionally slower with updates to hardware.

While there may be other things people think about when it comes to overall customer service and start-of-the-art hardware, GPS Insight is leading the pack compared with other providers.  

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

2. Samsara

But let’s give you a breakdown of one of the other options available – Samsara.  

Samsara has been known to appeal more to larger businesses with ample budgets, potentially posing hurdles for smaller enterprises due to contract limitations that lack month-to-month options.  

While Samsara’s suite of tools stands out for its route optimization capabilities and robust vehicle tracking functionalities, it comes with its own set of drawbacks.  


      • Comprehensive Platform: Samsara offers an all-in-one platform for managing assets, drivers, sites, and equipment, streamlining various aspects of fleet operations.
      • Safety Features: Businesses can benefit from safety-only licenses provided by Samsara, making it an appealing option for those prioritizing safety compliance.
      • Regulatory Compliance: The platform offers an FMCSA-approved ELD solution and ensures compliance with DVIR & IFTA requirements.


      • Contract Limitations: Samsara’s contracts typically do not offer month-to-month software licenses, potentially posing challenges for businesses seeking more flexible arrangements.
      • Upfront Costs: Samsara is often perceived as more expensive in terms of upfront costs, which may deter some businesses with budget constraints.
      • Minimum Contracts: Users are often required to commit to a minimum 3-year contract term, limiting flexibility in contract durations.  

Most of these reviews come from customers on a trusted review site. One user noted that while Samsara offers value-added features, it is plagued by bugs and issues stemming from rushed development and inadequate testing processes.

3. Omnitracs

From small businesses to large enterprises, Omnitracs provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of fleet operators, trucking companies, delivery services, and more. Whether it’s ensuring critical goods reach their destination on time or optimizing fleet operations for maximum efficiency, Omnitracs is committed to supporting its customers in achieving their business objectives.  

Their customer reviews speak for themselves, and like all other telematics companies they have a perspective on what works for them and what doesn’t work for them.  


      • High-Quality Solutions: Customers appreciate Omnitracs’ high-quality, secure solutions that maximize safety and efficiency in the transportation industry.
      • Innovative Solutions: Customers value Omnitracs’ innovative approach to solving industry challenges, such as improving driver performance, enhancing route optimization, and ensuring compliance with regulations.


      • Poor Implementation: Some customers have experienced challenges with the implementation process, citing issues with system setup and functionality.
      • Lack of Communication: There have been complaints about poor communication and support from Omnitracs, with customers expressing frustration over unresolved issues and difficulty reaching customer service representatives.
      • User Experience: Several customers have noted that the user experience with Omnitracs’ solutions can be subpar, citing issues with navigation, setup guidance, and overall usability.

Despite these challenges, Omnitracs remains committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its customers, driving success and outcomes in the transportation and logistics industry.

See for yourself

If you’re still not certain which company offers the best solutions for your business, we’d invite you to book a demo to see our products in action.  

The demo is free, and usually takes about 12 minutes. From there, you’ll determine if GPS Insight has the proper solutions for your business.  Get expert-level information from our team’s knowledge base to see what works best for you. 

Provide the solutions for your fleet and see how much it can change for the better. Our partners have seen improvements like reducing distracted driving like talking on a cell phone, or if you’re A-Tec, catch vaping.  

You can provide solutions to improve fuel costs, reduce your paperwork, and more.  

As a fleet manager, deciding between which telematics company can be a massive undertaking.  

There are so many reviews and it can be difficult to sift through who are the frustrated customers hoping to get a final jab in, and who is sincerely commenting on their experience with someone.  

In the case of GPS Insight, Samsara, and Omnitracs, that can be an even harder decision due to how close the competition can be.  

Samsara stands out in the enterprise telematics industry, ideal for large fleets. However, if simplicity is what you seek for your fleet challenges, Samsara might not be the ideal choice. 

Omnitracs offers a comprehensive solution suited for small businesses, emphasizing an all-in-one system for tracking needs. Yet, there’s another contender worth considering. 

GPS tracking goes beyond who has the best devices or who can help cut down on fuel costs. It’s sometimes as easy as finding the right fit for your company.

Feel free to book a demo by clicking the link below.

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