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GPS Insight tracking and field service management software with dash cam and smaller images of Lytx software and Samsara software. Lytx vs Samsara vs GPS Insight

Top Motive Competitors

So, you’re searching for Motive competitors. You’re probably here because people are driving your vehicles like race cars, you can’t tell if you’re paying for personal gas use, and you don’t know if employees on the clock are where they belong. 

You already know a little about Motive, so when you’re selecting a fleet tracking option, you probably also want to make sure you don’t have to deal with incorrect billing issues, hot spot limitations, getting locked into three-year contracts, or not receiving the promised 24/7 customer service.  

Don’t get left behind. With progress comes competition, and we’re up for comparing solutions to see what best fits your needs.  

While we may be a bit biased, here is our list of Motive’s top competitors in order of best to worst:

1 – GPS Insight

2 – Titan GPS

3 – Samsara

4 – Geotab

5 – Verizon Connect

Here, we’ll explore some of Motive’s key fleet management competitors and the features they offer in the fleet management software space. 

Here’s a breakdown of five of Motive’s biggest competitors:

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1. GPS Insight

Why GPS Insight over Motive alternatives? GPS Insight isn’t just for managing one aspect of your fleet. GPS Insight has anticipated the pain points at your operation. GPS Insight solutions include:

GPS TrackingGPS Tracking – Provide visibility, actionable insights, and results for fleets
Smart CamerasDash Cams – Use powerful AI technology that captures exactly what you want to see
Field Service SoftwareField Service Management – Improve communication and boost efficiency with a simple-to-use solution
ELDELD – Ensure full compliance with modern tools


With GPS Insight, you can:


      • Increase value by adding telematics and field service management. Our telematics solutions provide a clear picture of your fleet’s activity, giving you valuable data to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and improve fuel consumption. Plus, our integrated field service management tools let you dispatch technicians more effectively, improve first-time fix rates, and enhance customer satisfaction.
      • Take advantage of emerging IoT and business analytics technologies. Use IoT to gain deeper insights into vehicle health and performance.
      • Help make informed business decisions to improve accountability, optimization, driver and office efficiency, and safety. GPS Insight gives you with the tools and data you need to make strategic choices that drive real results. Improve accountability within your organization by gaining visibility into driver behavior and operational performance.
      • Have confidence in our experience and knowledge as service providers. GPS Insight has been serving you since 2004 as an award-winning industry leader. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the guidance you need to get the most out of modern fleet management.
      • Take advantage of partnerships and innovation. Getting ahead requires continual innovation and strategic partnerships. For example, GPS Insight is known for its commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions and forming strong relationships with key players in the automotive and IoT industries.

Don’t just take it from us…

“Paying a little a month helped me save $25,000. . .GPS Insight is definitely worth it.“

Jeff Veliquette, President, Lifescape Custom Landscaping 

“We went from having one or two accidents a month to almost none in a year. Also, the equipment is showing up in one piece now. If it weren’t for the GPS Insight cameras, we wouldn’t have been able to prove we weren’t at fault.”

Jeff Vogele, Technical Manager, Pacific Office Automation 

“It’s amazing how this suddenly became a gamification of safety – that I want to be the number one, I want to be the best driver, I want to be the safest driver.” 

Don Bowman, Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Wake Electric 

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

2. Titan GPS 

Titan GPS, powered by Certified Tracking Solutions, offers telematics solutions for connected transportation and industrial IoT. Established in 2004, Titan GPS offers a comprehensive suite of tools for fleets of all sizes. The cloud-based platform works with various hardware options, plus performs data analysis.


      • Reports are easy to set up and access
      • Strong customer support and satisfaction
      • Easy-to-use interface for people with various levels of technical experience


      • Takes time to get reports due to amount of data collected
      • Only larger fleet sizes need the advanced features
      • Requires customers to contact Titan GPS for pricing

3. Samsara

When you’re talking about Motive alternatives, you’re going to want to look at Samsara. Samsara is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) platform specifically designed for the transportation and logistics industry. They offer a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions, including real-time vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, fuel management, and analytics. 


      • Strong focus on real-time data and analytics 
      • User-friendly interface with mobile apps for drivers and managers 
      • Open platform with extensive API integrations


      • Can be more expensive compared to some competitors 
      • May require additional training for advanced features 
      • Primarily focused on larger fleets

4. Geotab

Geotab is a global provider of open-platform telematics solutions for connected vehicles. Their core offering is GPS tracking and diagnostics, but they also provide tools for route optimization, fuel management, and safety compliance. 


      • Open platform with a vast ecosystem of third-party integrations 
      • Scalable solutions for fleets of all sizes 
      • Strong focus on fuel efficiency and driver safety


      • Basic user interface might feel dated compared to some competitors 
      • Limited features for advanced fleet management needs 
      • Customer support experiences can vary

5. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect offers a wide range of fleet management solutions catering to various industries beyond just transportation. Their core services include GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, workforce management tools, and CRM integrations.


      • Diverse suite of solutions for various fleet management needs 
      • Strong focus on safety and compliance 
      • Reliable nationwide network coverage


      • Pricing structure can be complex and non-transparent 
      • Interface might feel cluttered due to the vast array of features 
      • Customer support may not be as specialized for specific industries

Bring more value to your customers and drive more business by offering the most innovative telematics and field service technology on the market. 

Real-time visibility and automation

Samsara and Geotab are major players, offering real-time fleet tracking, telematics data analysis, driving behavior monitoring, and route optimization. These features help trucking and transportation businesses to improve fleet operations and operational efficiency, plus and gain valuable insights into driver behavior.

Specialization and scalability in telematics

Motive isn’t the only competitor with a focus on specific industries, and there are more than the top five. Fleetio caters more towards smaller fleets, while Verizon Connect offers a broader range of solutions using asset tracking, field service management, and CRM integrations. Companies like Omnitracs provide specialized solutions for the long-haul trucking industry.

Beyond the basics

The future of fleet management lies in automation and a connected ecosystem. Several Motive competitors, including Samsara and Geotab, use sophisticated algorithms and APIs to automate workflows and integrate with existing enterprise software (often SaaS-based) used in transportation management (TMS) and supply chain management.

Points to consider

Motive rebranded from KeepTruckin in 2022, where they focused solely on ELD. As a result, Motive is going through a growth phase where they added as many clients as possible, and as a result, are now struggling to keep up with support. They have also been forced to increase prices by a large margin on renewals.  

Not only are support and pricing huge differentiators, but Motive’s cameras only pick up a fraction of what GPS Insight cameras can capture. If clients do pilot program, they choose GPS Insight every time.  

In 2024, Motive filed a lawsuit against Samsara, alleging that the company engaged in anticompetitive business practices to copy Motive’s technology and products for several years.  

GPS Insight has been specializing in the industry for over 20 years. See what independent experience can do for your business.

Choosing the right partner

Overall, the best fleet management solution depends on your specific needs. User reviews and social media analysis can provide info on customer experience with Motive’s competitors and their management systems. Factors to consider include user-friendly interfaces for drivers and fleet managers, diagnostics tools, and great customer support from service providers.

Try it today

This just provides a glimpse into the competitive nature of fleet management solutions. By understanding Motive’s competitors and their offerings, businesses can make informed decisions when selecting the ideal fleet management partner to improve their operations and customer experience. 

Don’t get left behind! Here at GPS Insight, we go beyond simply comparing features. We’re a full-service company that works with your existing systems, helps you get meaningful data to improve your business, and helps manage driver behavior.

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