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Top Lytx Competitors

Thinking of signing with Lytx? Make sure you see the best fleet management solutions first.

Lytx is well-known for its video telematics solutions. The fleet management giant succeeds in monitoring and improving driver behavior, but you may want to know how it stacks up with competitors in overall cost-effectiveness. If you’re looking into Lytx alternatives, you probably want avoid over-spending with a GPS partner that doesn’t go radio silent after they sign a multi-year deal with you. 

With Lytx, you might find yourself paying top dollar for a service you could be getting for less, with better, on-shore support. While we may be biased, we think we know the best GPS partner that offers the most cost-effective solutions and maintains strong communication throughout the life of a contract.

Lytx’s top competitors include: 

  1. GPS Insight
  2. Samsara
  3. Verizon Connect
  4. Motive

There are plenty of Lytx competitors that might provide you with more affordable options – at the expense of the product’s quality. You want a telematics partner that addresses all your needs with customizable options to fit your budget. 

Enter: GPS Insight.

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Improve fleet visibility, increase efficiency, enhance safety and sustainability.<br />
Experience the difference today.

1. GPS Insight

GPS Insight has been called a “whole system” solution by various customers. We don’t just provide GPS tracking – we provide a solution that solves all of your unique challenges with our various products and services. Fleet tracking in the form of GPS, dash cams, and field management software are just a few of the major services GPS Insight can bring to your fleet.

GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking

Our GPS tracking system is more than a dot on a map. With our GPS asset tracking, customers have defended their drivers against false claims for insurance fraud, they’ve created efficient routes for multiple running jobs, and they’ve saved money on their entire operation. With GPS Insight, you can cut costs on vehicles, labor, fuel, and maintenance thanks to our whole system solution which gives you full visibility over your fleet and drivers. 

GPS Insight’s real-time GPS tracking addresses several challenges with just one service. With our GPS trackers, you’ll never be left wondering where your vehicles are, when they’re going to reach their destination, or where your drivers are heading ever again.

Smart Cameras
Dash Cams

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “We don’t want a ‘Big Brother,’ environment,” “my drivers won’t take to us watching them over cameras,” and the truth is: GPS Insight offers something very different. Yes, dash cams are typically used to monitor driver behavior and ensure that they’re driving safely – but the GPS Insight dash cams are more than monitors. 

Our AI-powered cameras develop driver coaching plans to assist individual drivers with anything they might need additional training on. Driver coaching is completely tailored to what the driver needs to ensure driver safety. With artificial intelligence, GPS Insight dash cams can ensure your drivers have the exact support they need to get the job done. 

On top of that, our Greenzone scoring system establishes a unique reward program that encourages drivers to get the highest scores they possibly can – keeping them safe on the road and keeping your operation running.

Field Service Software
Field Service Management

Whether you’re in the field or in the office, you can depend on staying in the know and keeping control of your fleet. Our field service management software provides you with actionable insights regarding the performance, maintenance, and logistics of your operation. From payroll to idle times, our reports have made complete optimization an easy goal for customers to achieve. 

Our field service management software goes hand-in-hand with maintenance management, ensuring you never have to deal with surprise maintenance costs again thanks to preventative maintenance and regular maintenance scheduling. 

With GPS Insight, ensuring your fleet runs smoothly is done from your mobile device via our mobile app – available on both Android and iPhone, our mobile app sends custom notifications that you configure to alert you of maintenance issues, scheduling information, real-time GPS updates, and more.

A Whole System Solution

Not many service providers can address the challenges that come with a startup and an enterprise – GPS Insight can confidently say we do, regularly. Our ELD-compliant solutions meet government mandates in a way that’s convenient for you – providing DVIRs and more from your own device, or a provided mounted tablet. 

Too much information? Don’t worry – our five-star customer support team is ready to answer any questions you may have and continue supporting you even after you become a customer. At GPS Insight, we’re ready to give you everything you need for your fleet to be successful, because your success equals ours. 

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Ensure Your Vehicles are driven safely, and only when necessary.

Reduce fuel expenses, unnecessary travel, and idle time while you improve ETAs, maintenance, and savings.

Control your vehicle costs today.

2. Samsara 

Customers on G2 and Capterra highlight several of Samsara’s services, particularly emphasizing their GPS tracking capabilities. Their GPS tracking features are highly complemented among customer reviews, alongside their long list of features that come with the service.  

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Those features aren’t free, and they can’t be taken out of your package purchase. While Samsara’s prices are on the higher side, there’s not really a way to custom-order and cut down on the final dollar amount. Even if you don’t need extra features, you’ll get them, and you’ll pay for them. Therefore, smaller businesses and businesses on a budget tend to have a harder time working with Samsara, who generally have a lot to offer, but with a huge drawback. 

3. Verizon Connect

Like Samsara, Verizon Connect is praised for its real-time tracking capabilities and visibility. However, their tracking capabilities are considered a little too robust. The learning curve required to master their system is often overwhelming for customers, according to reviews. There are also complaints of glitches and downtime with the software, and one of the worst aspects of Verizon Connect is considered their customer support. Want something repaired? You’ll have to go to a Verizon store, where they service their cellular, residential customers as well as commercial and fleet customers, leading to longer wait times, confusion, and frustration. 

If you can get everything working, it will work great. But if there are any issues or if there is any confusion, you might find better luck working with a different provider, based on various customer reviews. 

4. Motive

One thing Motive is extremely well-known for is being user-friendly and easy to use. For a business that needs a straightforward and accessible fleet management solution, Motive tends to be a top choice.  

Its drawback is its integration capabilities. Customers report limited integration options with third-party applications, and advanced features like predictive maintenance or driver behavior coaching tools are unavailable. So, while Motive is a great straight-forward solution, its greatest strength becomes its greatest weakness – creating limitations and a slim number of options. 

How much?

So, what does pricing look like? To start, Samsara’s monthly fees add up to about $30 per unit, on top of their package prices which start at $44 per month, depending on your plan. Verizon Connect’s packages start at $23.50 per vehicle per month. All Verizon’s packages come with a 3-year minimum contract. Motive’s started plan includes a $25 monthly fee and $150 fixed cost. Fleetio has three packages, from $4 for a basic package, to $10 for a premium package.  

Lytx, unfortunately, does not provide any pricing information up front.  

GPS Insight? Our basic tracking package starts as low as $14.95, and packages are fully customizable based on what you need. Whether you have a large or small fleet, we’ll have you covered for a reasonable price without compromising quality.

Still Thinking?

We all know finding the perfect fleet management solution isn’t easy. After looking through multiple fleet management solutions and all kinds of fleet management software, it’s understandable if you’re not ready to commit. 

If you’re looking into video telematics software, then it’s safe to say that fleet safety is your priority. It’s ours too. Our fleet operations and field service management software works with our dash cams to ensure your drivers are safe and appropriately representing your business. GPS Insight will ensure you have a solid management system alongside your dash cam needs, all while bringing down your long-term operational costs. Still not sure? 

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