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Solving Speeding, Idling, and More with Vehicle Trackers

Looking to Monitor Power Take-Off?

Monitoring Power Take Off with a Truck Tracking System

A power take-off (PTO) gives you the ability to utilize all or a portion of the truck’s engine power to perform various tasks, usually through a switch. Combining this capability with a truck tracking system provides you with important data that helps maximize the efficiency of your trucks.

There are many advantages that come from monitoring power take-off through an advanced truck tracking system, like improving the accuracy of historical data in reports. By ensuring this accuracy, monitoring power take-off will allow you to provide proof of service, increase safety, and much more.

Let’s look at a few use cases of power take-off and the benefits that can come from monitoring it through a truck tracking solution.

Snow Plows, Seatbelts, Doors, and More!

Here are some examples of power take-off or inputs that an advanced truck tracking system can monitor.

Plow Up/Down

Reverse Yes/No

Seat belt On/Off

Door Open/Closed

These are some of the most common types of power take-off that businesses want to track. If you have a safety initiative, then tracking whether or not your drivers have their seatbelts on makes sense. If you are in the food transportation business, then tracking when and how long your refrigerator trailer doors are open is important to track because the trailer cannot rise above or fall below a certain temperature.

The applications are endless depending on what type of power take-off you are looking to monitor.

What are the benefits of monitoring power take-off?

One of the most significant benefits to monitoring power take-off is the accurate historical data you will receive regarding idle time. Depending on what service your trucks provide, it can range from providing job completion to increasing driver safety fleetwide.

How Municipalities Provide Proof of Job Completion

GPS Insight customer, The City of Worcester, would field calls from citizens asking whether or not their streets had been plowed and had trouble providing proof of job completion. After implementing an advanced truck tracking solution that monitored their power take-off on their snow plows (going up and down), they could tell which streets the plows had been down and whether their plows were used or not.

How Waste Collection Businesses Improve Safety

If you have a waste collection business, it can be beneficial to know when the truck arm goes up to pick up a trash can. It will verify that they made all the stops that they were supposed to that day.

A waste collection company, Parks & Sons, used power take-off to monitor when their vehicles were put in reverse. The main goal they were looking to achieve using a truck tracking system was to increase their safety. By monitoring when and how often the vehicles were put in reverse with an input alert, they were able to correct this behavior and make the fleet safer and more efficient on their routes.




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