A High-Speed Joyride Foiled with Vehicle Tracking Technology

Vehicle Tracking Technology Foils Joyride

Vehicle tracking technology helps in unexpected ways

At GPS Insight, we often hear stories from customers about how our vehicle tracking technology helps them in unexpected ways. A critical use of our technology is to protect personal and company vehicles against unauthorized usage. While we have helped many of our customers combat this issue, in this case, we were the ones who benefited from the technology.

An employee in our support department has our vehicle tracking technology installed on his family’s vehicles. While his wife’s car was being serviced at a local, reputable car dealership, he received a speeding notification from our system. He didn’t think much of it and figured the dealership was test driving the vehicle.

When his wife picked up the car, she noticed the digital fuel gauge was down one bar. Again, the couple didn’t think much of this, thinking perhaps the dealership left the car idling while receiving service.

GPS Insight reveals what happened

The next day, our employee had GPS Insight open at the kitchen table, and his wife suggested he pull up the vehicle history. The couple was shocked at what they saw. The vehicle had been driven through two neighboring cities, hitting speeds of 93 mph. To make matters worse, it also made a stop in a shady part of town for 54 seconds.

Our employee contacted the dealership which was very apologetic and launched an investigation. A lot attendant who was not approved to drive customer vehicles had taken the car. The police determined he had a long criminal rap sheet, and requested the vehicle tracking data to potentially prosecute the attendant for several felonies. The dealership has since changed its policies for how car keys are handled.

If our employee didn’t have GPS Insight installed, he would have no idea that any of this occurred. Vehicle tracking technology is critical to prevent unauthorized use of personal and company vehicles. If your vehicle is damaged, involved in an accident, used in a crime, or driven in an unsafe manner, both your reputation and legal liability could be at stake.