Fleet Travel Tips

Help Your Fleet Navigate the Holiday Travel Landscape

With the economy booming, supply chain issues still in full swing, and consumer demand at an all time high, the 2021 holiday season is expected to be far busier than last year. According to Deloitte, holiday sales are expected to rise for 2021, estimating growth of 7% to 9% over 2020 to upwards of $1.3 trillion over the November-to-January holiday period. Travel increased from 2020, as 53.4 million Americans hit the road for Thanksgiving, and 42% planning to travel over the course of the holiday season. That means fleets will have to deal with greater traffic and more potential delays as they seek to make deliveries, stock shelves, and complete jobs this holiday season.

Here are some important tips to help your fleet avoid problems (and maybe a Grinch) and navigate a safe, joyous holiday.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Late year weather can be amongst the most dangerous for drivers, and lead to significant road delays. GPS tracking tools can help fleets increase driver safety by planning routes and providing updates in real-time for bad weather and other hazards. Passing up-to-date information to drivers to avoid roadblocks or severely congested routes can reduce fuel, labor costs, and improve on-time deliveries.

Be Prepared

Bad weather and freezing cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your fleet. Ensuring proper vehicle maintenance is critical to travel during the holiday season. Combining GPS Tracking and maintenance software allows fleet managers to automate schedule maintenance, incorporate work completed and track repairs, removing the guesswork and manual process of keeping different vehicles ready to go to keep drivers safe and deliveries on-time.

GPS Tracking DTC Alert

Eliminate the Paperwork

A staked delivery schedule means more paperwork, lost time for drivers, and more stacks of paper for fleet managers. The right Field Service Management solution reduces time spent on manually filling out forms or collecting receipts from customers, increases dispatching and scheduling efficiency, improves communication between driver and office staff, and ensures technicians have the most accurate and up-to-date customer information.

Avoid the Grinch

Fleet vehicles make a tempting target during the holiday season. Fleets must be extra vigilant to better plan routes to avoid dangerous spots and use effective tech solutions to increase security. Tools such as geofencing help avoid unauthorized vehicle movement and create alerts for unexpected vehicle movement after hours. This also improves security for fleets. If a thief succeeds, GPS tracking can provide valuable tracking information data to law enforcement and help recover stolen goods.

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