gps tracking equipment

GPS Tracking Equipment: Why Companies Use GPS Tracking for Assets and Equipment

If you’re like many businesses researching GPS tracking equipment, then you may be looking for devices that provide simple location data and act as a theft deterrent.

GPS tracking equipment provides this for assets and equipment, but there are many other ways to use this technology that will benefit your business. It doesn’t take long for business to realize all of the possibilities the technology offers once they start using GPS tracking.

This blog post explores why companies use GPS tracking and provides information on the main hardware options.

gps tracking equipment

More Than a Theft Deterrent

At first, companies mainly look into tracking their assets with GPS to use as a theft deterrent. Most companies benefit from this aspect of using GPS tracking, on their assets such as retrieving stolen trailers hauling expensive cargo. Having GPS tracking will give you the comfort of knowing when assets leave and arrive in certain areas.

Along with assisting in recovering stolen property, tracking assets allows businesses to monitor their utilization. A common challenge businesses face is that certain assets sit for long periods without anyone using them. GPS tracking will improve asset utilization, which often means more-effectively distributing the workload. In some cases, GPS data can even help organizations identify they can sell or retire if they don’t get enough use.

Similarly, GPS tracking devices will show run time for equipment at job sites, such as forklifts. This can also translate into verifying payroll and ensuring that workers use their time efficiently.


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GPS Tracking Equipment

Here are a few of the GPS tracking options used for tracking assets, as well as the ideal scenario for each one.

Ruggedized device good for heavy and/or outdoor assets that have a power source since it doesn’t have an internal battery – tractors, backhoes, loaders, mowers, etc.). This device functions like a vehicle tracking device for your equipment.

The ST-1100 is a solar-powered device. Tracks assets based on its motion at 15-minute intervals and 4 pings per day when sitting. Ideal for powered or non-powered assets such as cargo – it is also weatherproof.

Battery-powered device ideal for tracking non-powered assets such as cargo, water pumps, etc. Works in remote areas with little or no cellular coverage since it functions off satellites.

Creating Peace of Mind and Efficiency

Whether you want a theft deterrent for peace of mind, or want to improve productivity and efficiency, GPS tracking provides a myriad of benefits for your assets.