GPS tracking,10 Ways GPS Tracking and Video Telematics Benefit Employees

10 Ways GPS Tracking and Video Telematics Benefit Employees

GPS tracking is commonplace in fleet vehicles at this point. Still, it’s a good practice to remind employees what they’re gaining from this technology. That’s especially true as video telematics like AI-equipped dash cams come into play.

Here are 10 great key points to make with employees about how they benefit from fleet management technology.

GPS Tracking Improves Job Security

GPS tracking will decrease your fleet’s operating costs, which will result in more profitability. Everyone benefits from a fatter bottom line, and job security is non-existent without profitability.

Protection from Traffic Violations

If one of your employees gets a citation, GPS tracking and video telematics are both reliable witnesses to find out what happened. That can lead to your driver being exonerated.
Even if they deserved the ticket, the confirmation of their driving habits can lead to improvements in driver coaching and practices. That can lead to better driving habits that keep everyone safer.

With video telematics, you can also discover other mitigating factors – for example, imagine your driver rear-ending another vehicle. With video telematics, you’ll be able to see whether the other video is responsible for the crash by making a sudden movement to cut in front of your driver.

Driver ID Prevents Mistaken Identity

Many GPS tracking solutions have Driver ID functionality. That prevents confusion if a vehicle shared by multiple employees is damaged. Without knowing for certain who’s at the wheel, it would be difficult to figure out who’s responsible.

Driver ID will conclusively show who was driving at the time, preventing wrongful accusations.

Proof of Location Boosts Customer Service

Determine whether your employees showed up at the job site and how long they were there. This is helpful for your employee when it is the customer’s word against his/hers. GPS tracking can very clearly demonstrate how long they were there, and you’ll know whether they should’ve been able to complete the job in that amount of time.

That allows you to stand by your employees with facts.

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More Work, More Pay

Employees that get paid by the job will be able to get more work done. That’s because GPS tracking allows improved routing that reduces time spent getting to jobs.

That leads to more jobs done, which means better pay.

Cut Out the Paperwork with GPS Tracking

Being responsible for a company vehicle comes with a certain amount of paperwork – and chances are, it’s your employees’ least-favorite part of the job.

GPS tracking software automates reports like timesheets and fuel receipts, which ultimately requires less paperwork to be filled out or turned in by mobile workers and less to sort through for the back-office staff. This allows the mobile workers to spend more time performing their job responsibilities and less time filling out paperwork.

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Speed Up Your Dispatching

Some emergency jobs require a fast response, and every moment you spend calling techs to figure out who’s closest is added stress for everyone – the dispatcher, the tech, and the client.

GPS tracking software eliminates this wheel-spinning and lets your team arrive on-site and ready to save the day. You’ll know where your vehicles are and have detailed maps, making this step far more efficient than the old way of calling each employee to see where they are.

Protect Your Drivers with Technology

Driver safety is a huge benefit of GPS tracking. Each of us has habits that are ingrained in us, especially speeding. Insights from your GPS tracking allow you to pinpoint behaviors that endanger your drivers and your community – and to back yourself up with facts.

Video telematics add a new level of safety even beyond GPS tracking. With the most-powerful types of AI-equipped smart cameras, you can even target behaviors like rolling through stop signs/red lights, tailgating, cell phone use, and seat belt use. You’ll be able to point out these behaviors to drivers, which ultimately makes their workplace safer: One GPS Insight client achieved an 83% reduction in at-fault accidents by using video telematics.

That means a greatly improved chance of every employee going home safe each day.

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Put the Brakes on Theft

Some companies allow employees to take company vehicles home. But what happens if someone steals the vehicle?

Off-hours notifications can help you work with employees and police to track the vehicle down quickly. That’s serious peace of mind for anyone entrusted with an expensive company asset.

Summing it Up

Your employees will find that telematics and video telematics offers them some great benefits. Reduced paperwork will make a huge impact on the daily grind for workers in the field, while your back office staff will appreciate speedier dispatch on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

For those out-of-the-ordinary occurrences like theft or crashes, it will take just one time for them to realize how much telematics solutions can alleviate their stress.