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GPS Insight & FieldAware:
Better Dispatching Equals Better Results

Technician Dispatching Tools Improve Customer Satisfaction

In December, we proudly announced our acquisition of FieldAware to create the leading combined fleet management, field services, and telematics software platform in the business—ensuring all service organizations have what they need to succeed and grow. As we continue to integrate technology and products, a key field service management (FSM) feature we are excited to offer GPS Insight customers is Smart Scheduler, an innovative dispatch software that helps service managers significantly increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Two core challenges we constantly hear from customers are the struggle to optimize workforce and job scheduling, and the need to institute more efficient routing. A tech may be sent to a location too far away, wasting time and gas, or may arrive at a job without the proper equipment. And rerouting technicians can lead to significant headaches.

What is Dispatch Software?

Effective dispatch software, like Smart Scheduler, helps service managers streamline fundamental operations, enhances efficiency, and eliminates unnecessary costs by ensuring vehicles and teams are where they need to be, when they need to be there. It automates the time-consuming and error-prone manual process of dispatching appropriate technicians to the correct jobs. Dispatch software efficiently tracks arrival times, locations, and supply inventory to give service managers a clear, complete picture. For example, if one of your technicians is delayed on-site, Smart Scheduler allows you to quickly locate and reroute other properly skilled resources to eliminate a late arrival.

FSM Smart Scheduler for Dispatching

Right Tech, Right Job, Right Time

Simply put, Smart Scheduler’s key feature allows service managers to assign work and route the right technicians to the right job at the right time, smoothly and seamlessly. Once the dispatcher approves the job and route, techs are immediately alerted through Smart Scheduler, and can access all the job’s previous data. This data includes which technician the customer worked with previously, whether they are a new or repeat customer, previous job history, which equipment is needed, and other information vital to getting the job done. Lack of crucial data like service history is one of technicians’ top complaints. Dispatch software provides techs with that important data whenever they need it.

A good dispatch software solution makes documentation much quicker and more efficient. Arrival times, job notes and more are automatically imported into the work order, reducing human error in record keeping.

Before dispatch software innovation, a dispatcher was often forced to spend their entire day overseeing and scheduling a group of technicians. With Smart Scheduler, service managers can handle hundreds of technicians with a small team of dispatchers and invest more in their core business and technicians.

While many services companies still waste time using outdated, manual dispatch techniques, bigger fleets have adopted dispatch software and are reaping the benefits.

Schedule Automation =
Better Customer Service

In a Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report, it was found that more than two-thirds of customers want an organization to reach out and engage with proactive customer notifications. Smart Scheduler ensures more accurate estimates for tech arrival times and job duration. With automated scheduling, field technicians can report in-app if a job is taking an unexpected amount of time. The dispatch software can then send a different field technician to the next stop, or automatically send a text message to the client with an updated arrival time.

FieldAware Pause Job Notification

Schedule automation also alerts service managers of issues such as double booking a tech or other schedule availability problems—and with route optimization, the dispatch software can maximize completed orders and reduce wasted time and gas by sending the closest technician to the job.

On-time technicians armed with the most relevant, up-to-date information and critical job history, provide better customer service and deliver better results.

Better Track Inventory

In one industry study, forty-two percent of field techs rate lack of inventory visibility as a major issue. If a technician arrives on a scene without the right tools for the job, the work often must be rescheduled. Dispatch software solutions track inventory and send only appropriately supplied trucks to each job.

Save Green (money and the environment)

Better and more accurate scheduling and route optimization solutions allow managers to increase efficiency and significantly reduce fuel costs across their entire fleet, increasing profits. It can also help decrease greenhouse gasses released by reducing unnecessary driving, unplanned and unessential return trips, and more. Nearly 90% of consumers want to work with companies that prioritize being Green. Of course, protecting the environment is everyone’s concern, but from a business perspective, being greener can also mean more green in your pocket.

The combined strength of GPS Insight and FieldAware will provide field service businesses the tools they need to work effectively to determine success. We are eager to equip more field service and fleet teams with innovative solutions such as Smart Scheduler to help field operation managers improve operations, reduce costs, and elevate customer service and retention.

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