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GPS asset tracking software

Does your fleet have assets like trailers, yellow iron, skid steers or backhoes and you need GPS asset tracking software? There are a lot of GPS tracking providers that claim their systems can track vehicles and all types of assets, but it’s not always the case. It takes different functionality and GPS tracking devices to monitor specific aspects of vehicles and equipment, so before implementing, it’s important to make sure the provider has the right options available.

What type of assets do you need to track with GPS asset tracking software?

Assets, or rolling stock besides vehicles, are a crucial part of your fleet. That’s why it is important to track all your high-value equipment with the right tools to prevent theft, ensure the proper maintenance occurs, track utilization, and more.

To determine functionality requirements, it’s beneficial to separate assets into two main categories, powered and non-powered assets.

asset tracking excavator

Powered Assets

Simply put, any piece of equipment that has its own constant power source is considered a powered asset. Some examples of powered assets are yellow iron, excavators, generators, backhoe loaders, and skid steers. For powered assets, you will need GPS tracking devices that can monitor metrics like runtime, utilization, and power take-off (PTO), as well as real-time locations.

Powered-assets usually need a ruggedized device because they are often left out on the jobsite exposed to the elements. Sometimes a piece of equipment sits without being utilized for long periods of time, so it’s also important that the asset tracking device has a battery backup to provide location updates while not in use.

tractor trailer asset tracking

Non-Powered Assets

Equipment like trailers and mobile storage units used to secure equipment during off hours fall under non-powered assets. Non-powered assets don’t have a battery or a generator to provide a constant power source. While non-powered assets don’t need the same type of diagnostic or utilization reporting from GPS asset tracking software, they do require devices with long battery lifespans since they are not powered externally. Typically, non-powered assets only need to report a location update once a day.

It’s important to consider this information because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to GPS asset tracking software. A misbelief about tracking assets is that any solution will do and the GPS tracking devices are the same, and it’s certainly not the case. Tracking vehicles, powered assets, and non-powered assets all require unique functionality, so you need a system that specializes in these specific areas to receive usable data that converts into true business intelligence.



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