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Author: Ryan Driscoll
Marketing Director

Fleet Telematics: Why You Should Think Carefully About Tracking Vehicles or Cell Phones

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Do you need fleet telematics to track your drivers/technicians OR are you trying to track your vehicles and how they are being driven?

It is important to know the answer to this question before implementing any form of tracking because there are different use cases and technologies for these separate objectives. Perhaps, if you aren’t confident in the right answer to the question posed, we should take a step back and start with this question: What are the business challenges that piqued your interest in researching fleet telematics? Once you know what those challenges are, it is easier to get a sense as to whether or not they can be overcome by in-vehicle telematics or tracking employees’ cell phones.


What to expect with cell phone/tablet tracking:

  • Less expensive option
  • GPS is typically an add on to a field service app or workforce management app
  • Tracks the location of the phone only
  • Barebones alerting and reporting
  • Used for time card reporting, time on site, and dispatching
  • Can easily be shut off by the driver leading to no visibility or unreliable data
  • Mostly intangible return on investment


What to expect with in-vehicle fleet telematics:

  • Slightly more expensive option
  • Tangible and much higher return on investment
  • Tracks not only the location of the vehicle, but specific vehicle data
  • Used to reduce costs, reduce risk, increase productivity, increase efficiency
  • Also used for time card reporting, time on site, and dispatching
  • Tracks which driver is using the vehicle and how they are driving it
  • Monitor your vehicles/drivers from a mobile app on your phone
  • And much more

As you are well aware, cell phones and tablets are our main tool for staying connected these days and have great GPS for directions, current location, and finding what’s around you, but they are not developed for fleet management. Using a vehicle-installed telematics system is much more than just location updates; it is true fleet intelligence.

For more detailed information about this subject, check out this interactive article:
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