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You know you need a solution to take your business to the next level, but what exactly is field service management (FSM) software, and how does it help? What features are important, and how does it work with what you currently have?

Introducing the book you’ve been looking for…Field Service Management For Dummies®️!

GPS Insight is the first company to create a definitive, go-to Dummies manual on FSM, from A to Z. This first-of-its-kind partnership in the field service management industry helps simplify the shift toward digitization and ensures that all field service organizations – from the largest to the smallest – understand how to leverage FSM software. Written for operations executives, business owners, and service managers, this book gives you access to insider tips and straightforward facts without all the jargon. Get up to speed quickly . . . so your team can get back to work just as fast.

Our Field Service Management For Dummies provides all the information you need to fully understand FSM software and how to find the right fit, regardless of the size of your enterprise, or whether you are tech-savvy or tech-adverse. This simple “Just the Facts, Ma’am” manual avoids the jargon and buzzwords and provides a clear picture of exactly what technology you need – and don’t need – to maximize your operation.

FSM Software 101

Field service management software is built to drive maximum productivity from field technicians while providing real-time information and reporting to the back office. It creates efficiencies, boosts productivity, and drives revenue. To dramatically increase overall efficiency and profitability, it helps integrate accounting, billing, service, and distribution processes. It also lets you provide real-time, accurate, and efficient field service.

Field Service Management For Dummies is the perfect roadmap to help you understand how to choose the right tools for your business. Discover how to:

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Understand essential FSM benefits

Select the right FSM features

Integrate with your existing systems
Improve the customer experience
Maximize your software investment
Measure profitability

Organize for Growth and Profit

Stacks of paper, lost information, and inefficiencies are a drag on your business. Time is money, so every hour you spend on paperwork and outdated billing processes equals revenue lost. For instance, not utilizing credit card payments on-site can result in cash or check payments being lost or stolen or invoices going unpaid for weeks, months, or even longer.

On-site payment processing with a two-way QuickBooks Online sync streamlines billing, reduces time chasing customers for payment and ensures payment in your account before your tech leaves the job site. It also eliminates the time you waste manually entering payment information in multiple places, as well as the time spent finding and correcting errors that can occur with manual data entry.

Effective FSM software also provides a holistic customer data management system that goes far beyond general contact information and the most recent service call currently stored in a spreadsheet or taped to your file cabinet. At the push of a button and on any device, you can access a customer’s full record, including contact and billing information, job locations, activity notes, full job history, installed assets, and previous and outstanding invoices and payments. It also ensures a more efficient, integrated process for employees, with electronic work orders that connect office and technicians in real-time and providing field teams the information they need to get the job done right the first time.

Field service software also creates a better customer experience and increases retention. Replacing that clipboard and stack of papers with a mobile device that contains a clean, electronic work order with paperless receipts demonstrates modernization that builds trust and confidence. Customers get the full story of the work you perform with easily accessible customer portals that include all previous work orders, invoices, documents, and photos, as well as the ability to easily request future service.

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