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Customer Spotlight:
M.E.S.O. and the Success of Uptime as a Service

This blog has generally taken a more global approach to fleet management and field service, sharing the tips, techniques, and technology that can help overcome typical (and atypical) fleet challenges and improve overall field service operations. This week, we want to spotlight one of our clients, Mobile Equipment Service Options Inc. (M.E.S.O.), and share how GPS Insight and FieldAware helped them address their specific challenges and grow their business.

The agility and ease of use of the FieldAware mobile field service hub helped M.E.S.O. create telematic partnerships and develop their Uptime-as-a-Service platform. This platform has transformed operations, significantly increased efficiencies, and helped improve customer service and success. Keep reading to get the full story.

The Challenge

Launched in 2014, M.E.S.O. Inc. provides maintenance services to truck, trailer, and equipment fleets in the construction, oil and gas, utility, trucking, and manufacturing industries. The difficult conditions in which these fleets work can lead to vehicle overuse, significant wear and tear, and frequent breakdowns. The company’s chief mission is to help its customers extend the life of their assets and avoid equipment downtime due to failures or maintenance issues.

The challenges of maintaining purpose-built mobile assets designed for servicing these industries are immense. Many of the assets must be deployed quickly to support emergency outages or infrastructure repair, and as a result, owners and operators of the assets cannot tolerate excessive downtime that could compromise their business or the customers they serve. M.E.S.O. learned quickly that capturing and entering the massive amounts of data associated with maintaining their customers’ equipment and vehicle fleets was a daunting, time-consuming challenge. As the company grew, it became difficult to keep up with the information and required additional staff to track. Back-office productivity suffered.

To maintain its reputation for expert technicians, fast response times, and commitment to service, M.E.S.O. needed help.

Enter FieldAware

M.E.S.O. knew they needed telematics and field service software that would work seamlessly together to tame their data challenge and transform their operations. Partnering with a telematics vendor and working with FieldAware, the company launched Uptime-as-a-Service, an IoT and mobile field service hub solution that seamlessly leverages asset data and provides the core workflow platform to manage all service activities. This solution provides account managers with insights that let them plan and predict the next steps based on real-world conditions.

The  SaaS-based software functionality of FieldAware provides the M.E.S.O. service team the actionable data it needs to manage and perform downstream service transactions and helps streamline work order management, scheduling and dispatching, route optimization, technician enablement, and invoicing. The technology ensures every vehicle and piece of equipment supported by M.E.S.O. receives the scheduled maintenance, service, periodic inspections, and scheduled repairs needed to keep them running strong.

“We’re able to identify pending maintenance issues on our customers’ behalf before they happen.”

Chris Britt

Founder, President, and CEO, M.E.S.O.

“By monitoring utilization, mileage, engine hours, and health status, we help prevent the unexpected breakdowns that cause delays and waste money,” said Chris Britt, Founder, President, and CEO, M.E.S.O.

The Uptime-as-a-Service solution has also saved M.E.S.O. an enormous amount of time. Back-office productivity has doubled without the need to add more staff. Account managers get more done in less time, reducing cost and increasing efficiency for the company. Of course, these results benefit the end customer through M.E.S.O.’s ability to provide faster and better service.

What’s more, the management team views the FieldAware-driven solution as a substantial competitive advantage, and it plays a central role in M.E.S.O.’s sales and marketing messages.

Field Service Management Software So That You Can Do More

We’re thrilled to be able to help a mission-critical organization like M.E.S.O. create a solution that allows them to better serve their customers and achieve substantial growth for their business. And we won’t stop there: GPS Insight and FieldAware can help any type and size of service organization. Our field service management software serves as the focal point for daily operations and expedites tedious but critical processes like scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing to empower your field staff by putting vital project information at their fingertips.


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