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GPS Insight Forward IconPricing GPS: What’s the Cost of GPS Tracking?

  • Length of Agreement Impacts Cost of GPS Tracking – Longer agreement terms generally get more-favorable terms.
  • Type of GPS Tracking Devices Impact the Price – Possibilities include hardwired devices, Plug & Play Devices, and smartphone apps.
  • How Installation Options Matter – Some devices are simple to install, but vehicles that require different inputs might require professional installations.
  • Other Types of Asset Tracking – Asset trackers can also be used on trailers, yellow iron, and even tire boots.

Pricing GPS: What’s the Cost of GPS Tracking?

For most fleets, cost is always a factor. If you’re going to add new technology or upgrade from an existing solution, you want to have some assurance that it gets the job done and is competitively priced.

Fleet managers and the people they report to are always cost-conscious. These current prices for GPS Insight solutions should give you an idea of what it can cost to add tracking to your fleet’s mobile assets.

Keep in mind that you’ll find solutions priced higher and lower than ours. We aim for getting results that aren’t always possible with the cheapest option – yet we also don’t want to charge more than we need to.

Here’s a breakdown of the options we offer along with prices, and we’ll also discuss some of our key add-ons.

Length of Agreement Impacts Cost of GPS Tracking

Customers can choose either 1- or 3-year agreements, and most of them will have hardware, installation and monthly service included in the per vehicle/per month cost. This will work for many of our customers.

In some cases, customers have very precise hardware requirements. These rare cases may require additional hardware fees.

Type of GPS Tracking Devices Impact the Price

As of 2021, GPS Insight offers multiple device types for tracking vehicles:


Plug-and-play (PNP) GPS Device


Hardwired GPS Device


Smartphone App Tracking

PNP devices work for most of our customers, which saves them money: The units themselves are less expensive and installing them is as simple as plugging them into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. That also means you won’t lose revenue by having the vehicle out of service.

There are situations that might require a hardwired device, though:


Older vehicles that don't have diagnostic ports


Vehicles that have been modified or customized to the point where they can’t supply reliable diagnostic and ignition data


Vehicles that use add-ons such as power take-off, lifts or booms (a diagnostic plug-and-play device can still handle the tracking, ignition, and diagnostic data)

The smartphone option is the lowest cost. Drivers just need to download an app to their phone.

For GPS Insight customers, telematics pricing works on a per-vehicle/per-month basis. The per-unit cost correlates to the solutions and features you need to provide visibility into your fleet and results that drive your business forward.

So What’s the Cost of GPS Tracking?

Customers who sign 1- to 3-year agreements for smartphone-based tracking won’t have to pay for hardware since they’ll use mobile devices as trackers. Those on month-to-month agreements using PNP or hardwired devices will have one-time hardware costs at startup.


Hardware - $39.95 and up per vehicle


Service - $14.95 - $32.95 per month, per vehicle

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    Other Types of Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking for trailers, equipment, etc., is a bit different. Asset tracking starts at $12.95 with GPS Insight (depending on the type of equipment) and is structured by the number of times it communicates back to the server per day. The default for asset tracking is four times a day. But this can vary on the type of device and equipment the device is tracking.

    How Installation Options Matter

    Since most customers can use PNP devices, installation will seldom affect the cost of GPS tracking.

    Customers that wish to buy their hardware up-front will either have to pay for professional installation or have their own employees install them. In most cases, this is still a relatively straightforward procedure.

    Keep this in mind: Some providers cut costs on installation. Though they pass the savings on, the quality of installation matters. It can make the difference between units that work properly and generate results that matter – and electronic devices simply taking up space in your vehicles.

    Summing Up the Cost of GPS Tracking

    In short, you can save on the cost of devices if you opt for longer service agreements. Vehicles with diagnostic ports will offer the best balance of low-cost devices and little to no cost for installation.

    It’s also possible to bundle GPS tracking with other services such as Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports and the Driveri smart camera to get a lower price for each device.