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Can Tracking Company Vehicles Prevent Side Jobs?

Before researching a solution for identifying side jobs, it’s important to understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution that will tell you a side job is taking place because it is different for every business. When you’re looking to solve this frustrating challenge, first ask yourself, “What are the criteria you need to know in order to identify a possible side job?”

Here are a few examples of criteria to think about that would help identify a potential side job:

Location of the stop

Time of day the stop occurred

PTO engagement (if applicable)

It’s a common assumption that knowing vehicle location alone will help identify side jobs when tracking company vehicles. The reason this doesn’t work in practice is that no one wants to, or will, stare at a monitor all day watching their vehicles on a map.

Beyond that fact, solely focusing on one piece of criteria, such as off-hours usage (or usage after normal work hours), doesn’t tell the entire story. While side jobs can happen during this time period, an employee using a vehicle at this time doesn’t necessarily mean they are performing a side job. The only thing you can deduce for certain from this information is that someone is using a company vehicle when they shouldn’t be.

The next question to ask yourself is, “Can I be notified when all of the criteria are met?”

The perfect solution to this problem will notify you in real-time when all of the various aspects that constitute a side job take place. Using a GPS system to track company vehicles may not be the only answer or the best answer for you to solve this challenge. In some cases, the solution can involve an integration of tracking company vehicles and a third-party software that gives you all of the relevant information that identifies a side job. This could mean integrating vehicle tracking with your business management software or work order management software is needed so that you know when and where a driver performed service without a work order.

How Tracking Company Vehicles Can Prevent Side Jobs

Even though there is no technology available to tell you without a shadow of a doubt that side jobs are taking place, tracking company vehicles can alert you with red flags based on your criteria. This will empower you to investigate and either verify or debunk that a side job took place.

Let’s take an example of someone performing side jobs during normal business hours and sliding them into their actual stops throughout the day. In this instance, you can identify a side job is taking place by flagging a few pieces of information simultaneously, as shown above. If the vehicle stops at an unknown location after normal work hours and engages PTO, then a side job is most likely taking place and you now have the relevant information to investigate the situation.

Looking at the Complete Picture

As mentioned earlier, the complete picture may also involve more than one type of solution outside of tracking company vehicles to solve this challenge. GPS tracking will help to identify and prevent side jobs from happening in your business by alerting you with the right criteria and integrating with other software components if necessary.



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