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Announcing the Show Us Your Pets contest winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Show Us Your Pets contest! We greatly enjoyed seeing your beloved companions as you told us about their hobbies, personalities, and favorite activities.

Each year we recognize our drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and this was a way for us to celebrate our copilots in our cabs as well as the animals by our sides. We loved reading what you shared about how your pets provide emotional support, enjoy dressing up and going for car rides, and bring joy in so many ways.

While we loved each and every entry, we’re going to recognize a few below. Thank you again, and please stay tuned for future sharing opportunities!

General Public


Jennifer McCleneghan of Foam Comfort Inc.

This is Mouse. He handles customer complaints at Foam Comfort Inc. Other hats he wears include Emotional Support Rep, Greeter, and Sun Worshipper. When he is not working, he provides love and entertainment to 4 kids who like to dress him up and put him to sleep in doll beds. – Jennifer Mccleneghan

GPS Insight


Moose and Marty
Daniel Toebe of GPS Insight

Moose and Marty…I’ll let you guess which one is which. 🙂 – Daniel Toebe

Jenn Ditmars of Central Pro Services

Meet Begbie, our 8-year-old rescue (part Maine Coone, and maybe the other part Sass?) He’s the grumpiest, laziest, scaredy cat we know, and we wouldn’t have him any other way! – Jenn Ditmars, Central Pro Services

John Mulgrue of GPS Insight

Morning Puppuccinos for our Aussies! – John Mulgrue

Phillip Rosales of Innovative Block

This is Pedro Rolsales. He is a 3 year old Frug Frenchie-Pug. Pedro loves to travel the lower 40 states. Pedro’s hobbies are playing with his stuffed toys and exploring new truck stops. – Phillip Rosales, Innovative Block of South Texas

Lola and Lucy
Rachael Nickerson of GPS Insight

Meet Lola (right) and Lucy (left)!! Lola will be 4 this October and Lucy turned 1 in July! They both love their quality time with their humans and car rides! – Rachael Nickerson

Honorable General Public Mentions:

Best brand ambassador: Chloe

Meet Chloe, TriCore Panels’ very own mascot. She is always ready to take action!
– Misha Homara of TriCore Panels, Inc.



Best sleeper: Yoggie
Lily Bellido-Deluna of BNS Development Group LLC



Most relaxed: Muffin
This is my cat Muffin. She loves to lay on top of the couch and chill.
– Anna Perez of Sunbelts Conveyered Aggregate Delivery



Most enthusiastic: Cooper
This is our 4 1/2 year old dog, Cooper. I snapped this picture of Cooper as he chased and jumped for bubbles in our local field. This is the moment right before he ran into me. He’s a good boy who loves to swim in lakes, chase bubbles, and chew on shoe insoles when you’re not looking.
– Helen Derevyanik



Top copilot: Bentley
Bentley is a fun loving, people person dog. He loves to go for rides, especially in my convertible where he can let the wind blow through his beautiful, floppy ears and wave hello to everyone.
– Scott Misico of Cobb County Fleet Management


Daisy Mae

Perkiest coworker: Daisy Mae
This is Daisy Mae Yarbruff. She is just 1-year-old. She is a sweet but super active puppy. I have been working remotely for the past year and she is my constant companion.
– Tim Yarbrough



Best Halloween costume: Dracula
My little Dracula.
– Allison Daily



Cutest expression: Louie Roque Carrion
Nickname Lulito, Lulu or Lululemon. Louie is very affectionate, intelligent, loyal, energetic, playful, loving, well behaved dog. He loves cuddle time. And he’s also very territorial. Takes good care of his parents. He enjoys eating treats – banana splits are his favorite.
– David Roque of Imeca Lumber and Hardware



Best hat: Marley
Marley is 4 years old and loves camping and fishing. Enjoys hanging with her Mom and her best friend Daddy. So full of personality and kisses!
– Ashleigh Burchett of Phillips Heating and Cooling


Louie 2

Best worker: Louie
This is my best bud, Louie, our 13 year old Labradoodle. He loves to help us shred paper!
– Nate Segall of AccuShred, LLC

Honorable GPS Insight Mentions:


Cutest hat: Jax
This is Jax. He’s a one year Walker Tree Hound!
– Lacey Hudson of GPS Insight



Best dressed: Annie
Meet Annie! She’s a 3-year-old Cavapoo and a super patient playmate to a little girl who loves to play dress up. In Annie’s spare time she enjoys begging, killing crickets, and barking at the Amazon delivery van.
– Paula Finecey of GPS Insight



Best smile: Violet
In May 2020 we adopted Violet and she officially started her “Retirement”! Like all typical retirements, she has an easygoing, quiet life. She sleeps most of the day. She travels to lakes, snow, beaches and loves car rides, and has dabbled in fishing. She eats gourmet foods, enjoys a chew bone on Sundays, and loves to share coffee with my husband. She gets her daily exercise and loves to wind down on our laps to watch TV. Violet is the best member of our family!
– Nicole Guerrero McIntire of GPS Insight


Artemis and Amos

Best snugglers: Artemis and Amos
Artemis (left) and Amos (right). They love to snuggle.
– Victoria Warnock of GPS Insight



Coolest: Maple
This is Maple (name comes from the hockey team). She’s an 11 year old Shih Tzu and is my off-roading partner. Loves the front seat of the truck and I think she likes getting bounced around when on the trails.
– Al Dababneh of GPS Insight



Most interesting pet: Gamera
His name is Gamera and he loves to dig.
– Anthony Ordaz of GPS Insight