Collect your motor pool vehicles’ odometer & driver behavior data automatically.

Fully integrated with the GPS Insight vehicle tracking solution, Agile Fleet’s robust FleetCommander motor pool solution helps you automatically collect the data you need to efficiently manage your motor pool and drive preventive maintenance compliance. The Agile Fleet FleetCommander solution also helps you manage keys, fuel, risk, and more!

Increase Utilization

Through the use of fleet utilization and landmark reports, GPS data will pinpoint underutilized vehicles parked in the same location for extended periods of time. Agile Fleet’s motor pool technology is then used to put these underutilized vehicles to work as a shared fleet, allowing you to reduce or eliminate costly vehicles that are not needed.

Collect Odometer Data

No need to rely on hand-written, often inaccurate reports from drivers. Odometer data is automatically collected by GPS Insight and transmitted directly to the vehicle’s profile in the Agile Fleet FleetCommander solution for odometer-driven schedules and processes. It’s easy!
“We reduced our fleet from 89 to 29 vehicles in one year. The savings from right-sizing our fleet is and will continue to be well over $1,000,000, from vehicle replacement costs, fuel savings from idle times, and maintenance costs. It has also allowed our managers to make educated decisions in regards to scheduling, routing, and employee reviews.”

Mike S., City of Stamford, CT

Manage Preventive Maintenance

Accurate odometers and runtime data automatically flows into the Agile Fleet FleetCommander system so that preventive maintenance schedules stay on time. This enables you to minimize vehicle downtime and improve overall fleet efficiency and safety.

Track Driver Behavior

Risky driver behavior and fuel waste can be identified and corrected thanks to driver-centric reporting collected by GPS Insight. Driver behavior information is sent to the driver profile in the Agile Fleet FleetCommander solution. Fuel expenses can be reduced by tracking and proactively managing idling, speeding, hard acceleration and braking, and more.

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