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Top 5 GPS Tracking Features to Guarantee the Most Efficient Fleet


GPS fleet tracking software provides fleet managers with many tools to effectively improve fleet operations. These solutions can overload fleet managers with data in many different formats. Figuring out which features you need from those that you don’t, can be a complex procedure. Here are the top 5 fleet tracking software features that fleet managers should utilize to drive fleet efficiency and maximize return on investment.

Advanced Reports that Provide Actionable Data and Monitor Productivity

It is important to know that your employees are responsibly meeting their objectives and goals. Analyzing the efficiency of the fleet is vital to the overall performance and growth of your business. The data and information that can be retrieved through GPS Insight’s fleet tracking software provides powerful reports to measure fleet utilization, driver behavior, and dispatch efficiency. Fleet managers that utilize GPS Insight’s advanced reporting to monitor driver behavior, analyze drive time, validate fuel usage to eliminate waste, and much more.

Access to Unlimited Historical Data

Most fleet tracking software limits users to three to twelve months of vehicle location data. However, GPS Insight provides unlimited historical data to clients. Clients use this historical data for year over year comparisons of vehicle, driver, and other fleet data to monitor changes in fleet operations. Also, historical data is useful when compiling IFTA tax reports, or when reconciling billing. Comparing past and current numbers and analyzing the savings to your fleet’s bottom line over time will help you make the essential modifications to continue to give your fleet a competitive advantage.

Real-time Alerts

No one has the time to monitor their fleet 24 hours a day. Most fleet managers prefer to manage by exception when vehicles or drivers are not performing to expected standards. By setting up alerts, you and your management team will be notified by email or SMS text message if and when your drivers are speeding, idling excessively, entering and exiting landmarked zones, driving at abnormal hours, etc. GPS Insight provides highly configurable alerts so that you can run your business knowing that if something “unusual” happens, you will know instantly.

Custom-Made Landmarks

Landmarks enhance alerts, reports, and maps while making them more intuitive and providing a more comprehensive look into your fleet’s daily activities. They give more meaning to location information, so instead of seeing an address, you will see the name of that location such as “Supply House 1”. Landmarks can be created to be as exact as you would like, allowing you to draw around the location on a detailed map, down to the foot. Landmarks can also be imported on an spreadsheet with no limit on how many landmarks you can create. Landmarks are a powerful feature to utilize to fully understand your fleets activity.

Optimize Routing

Knowing your drivers are being efficient on the road can be one of the most reassuring feelings that a fleet manager will experience. The GPS Insight routing functionality helps you to make sure that you are reducing miles, hours, and dollars by precisely designing your driver’s routes. GPS Insight routing allows you to visually compare your drivers’ actual route vs. an assigned route in our 3D mapping. It is also great for visualizing their behavior, categorizing your customer locations to easily generate and optimize routes, and adjusting the order of your drivers’ stops depending on your time, speed, and distance preferences. These routes can be distributed to drivers with a print out, a text message or email, or through a Garmin device, which is recommended. Optimizing routes will lead to a substantial ROI for your business.

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