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University Fleet Management


Our fleet management solution allows University fleet managers to know where their vehicles are at all times and take full control of fleet operations. 

gps fleet tracking for university fleets 

View Live & Historical Fleet Location

When employee activity is monitored, they are simply more productive with their time. Utilize the software to see location in real-time to make quick decisions and report on historical activity to coach employee driving behavior and analyze operations.

Improve Fleet and Public Safety

The ability to monitor driver behavior allows you to enhance the safety of their drivers, vehicles, and the public. Fleet tracking software can help minimize the risk associated with speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, unauthorized usage, and stolen vehicles.

Cut Fuel & Labor Costs

Quickly reduce fleet-wide fuel costs by eliminating speeding, idling, and unnecessary miles driven.  You can also decrease labor costs by comparing time sheets to GPS activity reporting. Reducing both of these areas usually results in more than 100% ROI.

Extend Vehicle & Asset Lifecycles

GPS tracking software can help you monitor maintenance. You no longer have to worry about sidelining vehicles or dealing with the costs associated with overlooked maintenance. Schedule all of your maintenance within the software and receive reminders for each one as they are due. This will inevitably prolong vehicle lifecycles, reducing replacement costs.

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