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GPS Fleet Tracking for Universities


A GPS fleet tracking solution allows University fleet managers to know where their vehicles are at all times and prevent unauthorized usage by using real-time mapping and alerts. 

gps fleet tracking for university fleets 

Mobile Tracking Access

Campus supervisors are able to track campus fleets from anywhere, on-the-go, with their mobile device. On any smart phone or mobile device, managers can send or receive messages to drivers, receive alerts and know vehicle location/status; just like if you were to be sitting at your computer.

mobile tracking for fleets

Driver Login and Odd-hours Alerts

Being on a university campus can increase the potential for stolen fleet vehicles. By utilizing our alerts, specifically the driver login alert, fleet managers are able to be easily notified of an exception. In addition, our odd-hours alert can be setup to detect unauthorized or overtime usage of vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking for universities

Closest-to Mapping Capabilities

Many university vehicles are used in order to ensure student safety. With the “closest-to” mapping capabilities that GPS Insight offers, fleet managers can route the closest vehicle to a specific landmark or individual to ensure that they get there the quickest.

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Additional Information

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