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Transportation Fleet Tracking System


The GPS Insight advanced fleet tracking software combines safety, cost reduction, and a healthier fleet into one solution.

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Ensure Safety of Your Passengers and Drivers

We know that nothing is more important to you than the safety of your employees and your customers. GPS Insight’s software allows you to monitor driver behavior. View driver metrics such as speeding, idling, miles driven, and rapid acceleration and harsh breaking. You can use these metrics to visibly see problem driving habits and compare drivers to one another. 

increase transportation safety with fleet tracking

Reduce the Fuel Consumption of Your Fleet

Most fleet managers see a complete ROI from GPS Insight in fuel cost savings alone. The GPS Insight technology cuts down on excess miles driven, idling hours, speeding, and unauthorized usage of the vehicles. 

transportation fleet tracking

Maintenance Scheduling Made Easier

The GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution alerts management when maintenance is due for certain vehicles. This maintenance can include anything. Be alerted via text message, email, or on the GPS Insight dashboard.

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Fleet Tracking Solution for UniversitiesVisit the GPS Insight Resources center for a large selection of useful information on our products, services, key features, tracking benefits, case studies, white papers, and demo videos. Best of all everything is free and we encourage you to check it out. View our Free Resources

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