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Vehicle Tracking Devices

GPSI-3900 Vehicle Tracking Device

GPSI-3900 Tracking Device

This is our flagship truck tracking device which is highly configurable to support optional features. (light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles)

GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

This advanced GPS tracker supports more features than the GPSI-3900 such as diagnostics and e-logs. (light-duty or heavy-duty vehicles)

GPSI-4000 Tracking Device

PNP-3000 Tracking Device

This Plug-N-Play tracking device connects directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, requiring no installation, and comes equipped with a buzzer for real-time in-cab alerts. (light-duty vehicles only)

Asset Tracking Devices

AT-3000 Asset Tracking Device

AT-3000 Tracking Device

This externally powered asset tracking device is ideal for heavy equipment, generators, diggers, trailers, and other assets that can act as a power source to the GPS tracking device.
(uses cellular and satellite networks)
ST-1100 Solar Powered Tracking Device

ST-1100 Tracking Device

This battery powered asset tracking device is ideal for trailers, storage containers, or other assets that are not powered regularly. The ST-1100 uses solar power to charge the battery. (uses cellular networks only)

TT-3000 Trailer Tracking Device

TT-3000 Tracking Device

This battery powered device is ideal to track shipping containers or other assets that may enter areas where cellular coverage is not available.
(uses satellite networks only)
TT-1800 Asset Tracking Device

TT-1800 Tracking Device

This battery powered GPS tracker is ideal for trailers and storage containers that require lower maintenance, an easy install, and long deployments. (uses satellite networks only)

TTC-1000 GPS Tracking Device

TTC-1000 Tracking Device

This battery powered asset tracking device is ideal for trailers, storage containers, or other assets that are not powered regularly. (uses cellular (CDMA) network only)

Integrated Tracking Devices

Garmin + GPS Tracking Device

Garmin Navigation

Garmin fleet, dēzl, and nüvi devices can be paired with the GPSI-3900 or GPSI-4000 tracking devices. Garmin integration is used for efficient dispatching, messaging, and mobile data collection.

ELD + GPS Tracking Device

ELD-2000 HOS Device

The ELD-2000 is a Android tablet paired with a GPSI-4000 tracking device for electronically logging a driver’s HOS (hours of service).

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