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Fleet Tracking Solution for Security Services


GPS Insight fleet tracking software will help provide you with complete location intelligence.

gps fleet tracking for security services 

Monitor Your Security Fleet's Activity

GPS Insight software provides your supervisors with a comprehensive view of all your vehicles in real-time. This ability allows you to know the exact location of your vehicles, making it a simple task to dispatch to the closest location, ensuring that your security vehicles get there in the quickest amount of time. You can also analyze the history of your fleet's routes to confirm that your employees are making their rounds when and where they should be.

Customize Your Fleet Tracking

GPS Insight provides your security service company with extremely customizable reports to ensure you are notified of the exact information you need. With fleet tracking software, you are also able to establish instant alerts sent by SMS or email to distinguish when your vehicle has reached a customer location, went home, is running at abnormal hours, and more.

Improve Invoicing and Provide Proof of Service

GPS Insight detailed reports give your security business the exact amount of time to invoice a client. This makes record keeping simple and even more efficient. You will be able to determine the amount of time a vehicle spent at a particular locationand why a stop took as long as it did.

GPS Insight also provides proof of service with stop note reporting. When your employees make a stop at a customer location, they are able to easily provide what they completed during the time of the job, as well as adding an optional image for even more evidence.


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Customer Testimonial


"GPS Insight listens to its customers and will make the necessary adjustments to help you become more efficient."

 -Matt Klock, District Manager

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