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Track Pest Control Vehicles


Fleet tracking enables pest control companies the ability to cut costs while improving the efficiency and productivity of your vehicles and technicians.

fleet tracking for pest control vehicles

Instantaneous Location Mapping

GPS Insight provides you with the knowledge of where your vehicles are at all times. Identifying where your vehicles are now and where they have been, gives you full visibility, ensuring your team stays on schedule each day. This visibility will allow you to give your customers accurate estimated time of arrivals. GPS Insight will increase your fleet’s efficiency, which will lead to the opportunity to complete more jobs per day. More jobs per day equals more revenue.

Efficient Routing

Routing more efficiently will reduce mileage, fuel costs, and wear & tear. You can simplify routing in two ways. Using Garmin integration, your dispatchers can send jobs in optimized order to a Garmin device that will route the driver to each location. Dispatchers can also send jobs in optimized order to a technician’s smart phone or tablet that will route the driver from Google or Apple Maps.

Proof of Job Completion

Sometimes customers need proof that your technicians were on site and completed service. GPS Insight will tell you which tech was on site, when, and for how long so that you have the proof you need.

Cut Labor Expenses

Track employee start and stop times, know where they are during the day, how many breaks they take, and when their day is over. GPS data will put an end to timesheet disputes and can be used to replace them. Increase the productivity of your fleet and decrease the cost of labor.

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